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Chestnut, Artichoke and White Bean Roast


Another one, this time a nut and bean roast.  A little luxurious with the artichoke hearts and chestnuts, perhaps one to save for a special occasion…..?



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Sweet Potato, Chickpea and Mushroom Roast


Six-day work weeks.  Gotta love ’em…pphhzzarrghhhh *collapses*.  However the days are getting longer and sunnier, and it’s nice to sense the faint “Beep!…..whirrrrrrrrrr…” that is Nature rebooting itself for another Spring.

Managed to get a full weekend off, and spent most of it cooking furiously in the manner of a devoted foodie who has been living off quick and easy noodle stirfries for the past month.  The Grauniad newspaper rose to the challenge with several delicious vegetable/nut roasts, and first up is my version of a chickpea and vegetable roast….

(Hopefully photo later, camera being re-charged…)

(Update; no photo, obviously too busy eating to tend to the pictorial needs of this blog…)

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Whispering in the Wires


I’m still working out the finer technical aspects of this for my own blog *unscrews lid, peers inside*, but a few people have been working out how to the do the Internet equivalent of sending Terry Pratchett’s name through the Clacks, as a tribute on his recent passing.  The WordPress friendly version is here:

Good luck!

In between posting heartfelt “ooks” on various forms of media at pTerry’s loss, and working 6 day weeks, I managed to invent a quite passable sausage, stilton and cabbage casserole.  Those looking for a true one-pot meal may wish to add parboiled sliced potatoes in the dish before putting it in the oven; I just went for a side serving of plain white rice.

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