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Cauliflower Pizza


This is a good one, which gives that pizza “hit” but without the bloated “I’ve just eaten my own body weight in pizza crust” feeling.  Original by John Waite in the Telegraph.  No link as WordPress still playing silly buggers (WORDPRESS! BAD DOG! BASKET!).


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… of course there was that bit where I layered a tin of 3-bean chilli in a baking tray, covered it with pre-cooked bulgur wheat and grated cheese, then baked it in the oven.  Alternatively, there was the several bits where I cooked fine egg noodles, drained them, and returned them to the hot saucepan, mixed in pesto and grated blue cheese, then allowed the residual heat to melt the cheese before serving.

(Brief interlude as Team Rock radio plays Extreme’s “Get the Funk Out” and I thrash madly round the flat).

I bring to your attention this spicy rice recipe, original by Nigel Slater, although whenever I try and post the link WordPress burps it back out….(BAD WORDPRESS! NO BISCUIT!).


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