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Sweetcorn muffins


The ever lovely Jack Monroe came up with this one.  Hers were just sweetcorn; I added grated cheddar cheese and Quorn bacon – suspect the muffins will accommodate many other variations. Took them into work in a Tupperware box and they seemed to go down quite well with the ravenous, foaming, gibbering horde I call “colleagues”…..


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Broccoli Bake


So there were a few days camping in the woods, all mud, fire-grilled burgers and Pringles (a staple ingredient of the Paeleolithic diet) .

The eerie cry of a hunting kite.

A slim, bronzed snake that we learned was actually a kind of legless lizard, a “slow worm”.  The kids christened him “Slurm”, and would check on his progress whenever we trekked across the site to the washing-up station (about 5 inches in 3 days, if  you’re asking).

When I hit civilisation again a roast dinner with all the trimmings was damn near mandatory (and very tasty).  I had leftover roast parsnip, potato and carrot, which I added to a rice and vegetable casserole, with some herbs and tin of tomatoes.  Unfortunately I failed to take clear notes on the recipe, which means I can’t share it with you at this time. (Bad Anxious! No biscuit!).

Instead I present to you a creamy broccoli dish, for all your fancy-pants baked vegetable needs…..


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