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Stuffed Greek Vegetables


… was the Easter bank holiday last weekend, 4 days off in total for us Brits.  So of course, in accordance with local bylaws governing long holiday weekends in the UK, it rained, hailed and blew a storm……


So this colourful, tasty Greek dish was a much needed splash of warmth and colour.  Plus it did for around 4 meals so lovely and frugal and filling, as well as summoning up the blue-hued spirit of the Mediterranean.  What more could you want from a recipe (apart from a hunky Greek waiter to serve it, of course)?

Original from here:


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Rocking Horse


Somewhat off-colour, and after a day of half-hearted half-snacks, remembered I had a recipe for this creamy, vegetable-heavy dish.  On the table in half an hour, for all your Victorian nursery comfort food needs…….

The original suggests precooking the vegetables, but I found them fine with just the stir fry and baking.  Depends on how firm or squashy yer like yer veggies!


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Savoury Vegetable Cake


Managed to accidentally download Windows 10 (I blame alcohol), which required 5 reboots and quite a lot of unladylike cursing to work, and WHICH THEN PROMPTLY WIPED ALL THE RECIPES I’D BOOKMARKED IN FAVOURITES*.

(*I managed, by random button pressing, to then transfer the recipes from Windows Explorer to Windows Edge, thereby enabling me to cancel the assassin I’d booked for Bill Gates early enough that I only paid the initial booking fee + taxes**).

(**I’ve saved a LOT of recipes to my Favourites).

In the meantime, please enjoy this tasty potato and vegetable cake, original found here:


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