Monthly Archives: September 2016

The Shepherd’s Star


Sorry, faithful Anxious-Watchers, for the lack of posts.  I got a new job and everything went a bit frantic whilst I undertook my first task, which was to clear out a pit of  metaphorical venomous vipers.  The Project is now (mostly) viper-free (I can HEAR you slither, you little bastard.  I’m cooomminngg for yoouuu……).

In the meantime I finally bit the bullet that there is more of Anxious Cook than is really healthy, so I womaned-up and joined Slenderiser’s Globe, a nice shiny corporate dieting system which boils down to the usual list of minimal sugar, minimal fats, minimal processed food and minimal bread / dairy fats.  And lots and lots of vegetables (well that part I can get behind at least).

Still experimenting with the finer points of the system at the moment, but this lentil shepherd’s pie recipe was actually pretty economic, tasty, and shepherdy.  Baaaa.  And of course if you’re not dieting, you can add as much cheese and marge to the mash as you want 🙂 .


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