Monthly Archives: November 2016

Sasquatch Squash


In celebration of my finally managing to tie a head scarf on single-handed*, I present more soup!

Original from here:, amended to sweet potato as, whilst I like squash, life is arguably too short to spend a Sunday afternoon peeling one of the frackers, even with Planet Rock’s Blues Brunch grooving on down in the background…..


*I’m sure additional arms are required somewhere.

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“And you’re never gonna get it right…..”


I find it reassuring, that even with everything going on around me, I can still hear a song from a band I’ve not heard of before, and get that “zzzzooooommmmm!” feeling that I had as a teenager.

A New Favourite Band!!!

Today I bring to you not one, but two new favourites; the Last Shadow Puppets (Arctic Monkey spin-off band, and frankly I keep mishearing “Bad Habits” as “Bad Rabbits”, which suggests some kind of “Watership Down” mash-up really really needs to be done).  Also, Ryley Walker, for those of us that still miss the late, great John Martyn.  Enjoy!

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A Fool and His Medals


Felt like a serious Sunday brunch was required, and a random post in a newspaper…..

…. sparked off a sudden desire for shakshuka/huevos rancheros, which when at home is known as “eggs with spicy tomato stuff”, a recipe I’ve explored previously on a number of occasions, only this time with beans involved.  I understand that traditional Middle-Eastern preference is for fava beans (the humble broad bean to us Brits), but I compromised with what’s actually in the cupboard, and chucked in a can of cannellini beans instead.  Whilst you’re waiting for yours to cook, check out this Wikipedia entry on Fuls Medames, a common Middle-Eastern breakfast.  Now let’s be honest, does this not look way cooler and more nourishing than a bowl of Frosties….?


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