Advent of the Crab


Musings on breast cancer:

  • Chemo Tummy Is A Thing.  Next cycle I’m starting Day 2 with a chilled shot glass of Lactulose, avec ice and a slice.  And a paper umbrella.
  • Bloody PICC line
  • When attempting a self-injection of Zarzio (white-blood cell stimulator) to the tummy, it helps if you take the cap off the f******g needle first.
  • Bloody PICC line.
  • Zarzio can cause “bone pain”. Or “BOOONNNEEE PPPAAAIINNNN!!!!”. Managed with paracetamol apparently.  Pleased to note that I haven’t experienced any yet.  However, my period, missing in action for 6 years due to the Blessed Mini-Pill, took the two week window between stopping-the-Pill and starting-an-induced-false-mini-menopause, to kick straight in. I can just see it striding, Wonder-Woman-like, across my body with a “What, no pain? Guys, I *got* this…”.  OOOF!
  • Why aren’t there any aspirins in the jungle? Cos the parrots-eat-’em-all!! LOL LOL LOL.
  • Bananas are good post-chemo food due to the potassium and energy release.  Cognito Ergo Nom, so is homemade banana bread:
  • Back on the Metoclopramide again.  Oh dear.
  • What a beautiful autumn we’re having!
  • Bloody PICC line.

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