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Get Stuffed!


Apologies for the hiatus in posting, the glut of recipes over the past few days meant I had more leftovers than I have meals in the day to eat said leftovers. And I draw the line at aubergine bake for breakfast (call me unadventurous if you will). Especially when the local Big Supermarket is doing low-fat vegetarian sausages for a pound a pack. Wholemeal bun, tomato, low-fat mayo and grilled sausage – sausage buttie for breakfast, the healthier way!

Having cleared a little space in the freezer, I decided to clear out some of the odds and ends from the fridge, and what better way than a nice casserole? This is a bit of a rib-sticker; bookmark it for next autumn when the chill starts to set in, your belly will thank you for it….

Vegetable Casserole with Dumplings




Saturday saw the purchase of a new frying pan. To be fair, the old one had 1) lost its handle, necessitating complex and dangerous manoeuvres with a folded tea-towel over the hand to move it around the hob, and 2) was older than I am (another refugee from my Nan’s kitchen), and had got somewhat manky, beyond the ability of hot water and soap to fully cleanse.


Emboldened by my new purchase, I decided to experiment by picking up a couple of packs of grains I’ve not really tried to cook with before; pearl barley, and buckwheat. I dug around the internet for buckwheat recipes, and in the end gave up and improvised my own, which I think came out not too badly….


Egg-fried buckwheat with mushrooms and tomatoes