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Winter Vegetable & Cider Stew


Six days to payday, several late nights due to overtime at work to factor in, and I’m considering the contents of my pantry with a “well I could make a vegetable bake but that would leave no bread for breakfast and I could re-make that swede risotto from the other day but that would mean most of my protein comes only from nuts and cheese for the rest of the week as I’m using that cheap Tesco’s nut-roast as a basis for my Tupperware lunches for the next three days but I’ve opened that pack of feta cheese so I should find a way to use that up before it starts tapping on the inside of the fridge and singing Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” in tinny-yet-crumbly voice also I have that stew pack of winter root veg that I need to do something with as well……..”

Welcome to First World Problems!  And The Inside of My Head.  Aren’t you glad you’re just visiting?

Google, and a dusty can of Strongbow cider from the back of the drinks cabinet, To The Rescue.  For those not keen on cider, the original recipe just uses chopped apple.–barley-and-lentil-casserole.aspx?o_ln=SimRecipes_Link_4&o_is=SimilarRecipes


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Lentil, Bulgur Wheat, Paprika & Mint Soup


Between overtime at work and various other stuff it’s likely to be busy this week, so decided to knock up this tasty lentil soup.  Between this, the biryani rice, and a pack of defrosted mini-naans I should be well sorted dinner-wise for the week ahead….

Original from here:


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To Dhal, or not to Dhal


Woke up this morning (dah nahnahnahnah!), my dhal was dead (dah nahnahnahnah!)……

Sorry, wrong “woke up this morning” gig.  That one’s next Saturday at Fat Joe’s Crocodile-Rock Shackarama, drop by if you’re in the area.  Don’t forget to tip the waitress, watch out for the alligators.  (Or is that tip the alligator, and watch out for the waitresses….)?

Woke up that morning and saw the silvery pavements that meant it had rained overnight.  Opened the window wide in the hope of cool, fresh air, and instead God turned his Hairdryer on my face at medium-high.

So, still fiendishly humid and warm, then.

And whilst apparently it’s normally okay to accidentally oversoak urad dhal lentils, it’s probably not a good idea to leave a bowl of them soaking for 24 hours, in a warm flat, during what have been the hottest two days of the summer so far…..

Despite the strange fruity sweet smell I persevered, drained and washed them, began to boil them and after 10 minutes of even weirder smells gave up and dumped the lot.  (Although from the hint of fermentation I think I might have been *this* close to inventing lentil beer).

Turned to the internet for inspiration, and tripped over this economical and tasty dish (the pilaf lasted me 3 meals and 1 snack):

I didn’t have any kale at the time, but picked some up later for a separate dish.  I also substituted bulgur wheat for millet, which worked well.  Suspect any similar grain would be good.



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