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Spiced Potato-Stuffed Peppers


By some frightening piece of Farming Alchemy (Falchemy?), bags of peppers, £1 for a pack of 6, are available at Sainsbury’s.  It’s late November but here they are, fluorescent yellow orange with delicately-applied blushes of green.

Add in two tins of ready-boiled new potatoes for 20p each, and onion and some spices and you have the makings of a cheap, generous and filling dinner.  Several cheap, generous and filling dinners in fact.  Spinach not essential but added as I had some left over from another recipe, and bagged spinach has a lifespan of approximately 8.3 minutes, after you’ve been daft enough to actually open the bag, rather than just admire the leaves through the plastic.

Please note that the amount of potato given in my version of the recipe will likely leave you with a decent margin of spiced potato left over.  Hang on to it, there’s an epic bubble & squeak recipe coming up…….

Original here:

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Vegetable Biryani


Yesterday was 3 hours on the train and 3 back to an old university friend’s 40th birthday.  He now has a large family so it was an afternoon sandwich buffet and catch-up rather than a raucous drunken affair, but it was lovely to meet up with people I hadn’t seen for quite some time, look over photos from the 1990s *cringe*, and generally see where life has taken us in the intervening 20 years.

Came home knackered and with that over-stuffed with cheese sandwiches, pizza and crisps feeling.  So slept in late, and brunch was a bowl of salad and chicken quorn pieces drizzled lightly with olive oil.  Feeling that my fat and salt levels had been restored to normal, I decided to clear the fridge of some odds and ends of vegetables with this tasty and fragrant biryani…


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Crispy Kale


Second half of the recipe from  This time it’s the crispy kale, which sort of acts as a tasty but healthier version of fried seaweed.  Kale’s a bit of a superfood as well, so sling in a handful of cashews for protein and you’ve got a fabulous side-dish for a meal.

Plus a couple of left-over handfuls of fresh curly kale for my sister’s guinea pigs (their little faces…….).

What’s not to like?



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FAlliNg sKiES


Tired, run-down, and in no great hurry to get out of bed this morning and see what the Forces of Heck have planned for me today.  Limped home after work in desperate need of something warming, wholesome, light, yet nourishing, that I can cook whilst dancing round the kitchen to Soft Cell’s “Sex Dwarf“, vodka and coke in hand.

Oh look, still got 2/3rds of a jar of miso and ginger paste.  Hmmm….

Settled on a version of the tofu and cabbage soup from the other day, only with quorn chicken pieces and carrot slices instead.  Slung the rest of the veg into a Japanese-influenced stir-fry + some cashews for extra protein. Result.




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Look! A Ri/Ce!


One of my work colleagues dug up a screen saver of something he thought would specifically make me laugh, which was the AC/DC band logo reworked as:

Highway to Look, a Squirrel!

Not sure what he means by this, I’m sure I’m a paragon of calm serenity and Buddhist focus at work. Okay there was that discussion of the effect of large collections of kitsch garden gnomes on the male libido. But it was all done….mindfully I assure you.

I decided I didn’t have enough washing-up to do, so decided to make two rice dishes simultaneously tonight in order to add that authentic precariously-heaped-mountain-of-crockery-and-now-I’ve-run-out-of-bloody-spoons vibe to the kitchen. One a soothing but spicy pilaf main dish, the other a “brunch” according to the original recipe, although to be fair I think it’s a brunch for someone who’s much more awake mid-morning at the weekend than I am…..

Originals can be found here:


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Butter Up


Recommendation: watch The Heat, an odd-couple buddy movie with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McConnell. Seriously. It’s ruddy hilarious and you will never see Tic Tacs in the same way again…..

Nuts, nut butter and nut oils are generally high calorie, but as a vegetarian I don’t feel too bad about (moderate) consumption of them, due to all that proteiny goodness, and the fact that a little can go quite a long way. So when Nigel Slater popped this recipe onto the Observer website I rushed out to buy one of those pre-packed Stew Packs of root vegetables that appear magically in supermarkets this time of year.


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You know, they had me at “comfort-food”.

Was alerted to the existence of this dish via the The Guardian. Apparently the Korean equivalent of Bubble & Squeak, i.e a good user-up of left-over rice and other meat and vegetable dishes, which is something I’m also a real sucker for.

(I don’t create left-overs. I create dishes with the sole intention of providing left-overs which can then be converted into the proper meal I was intending to create all along).

(Hey, it’s a hobby).

Picked up a couple of additional ideas from here.


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