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Chickpea and Mushroom Casserole


As per usual I had a box of mushrooms in the fridge that were pretty much on the turn.  And of course tinned chickpeas are a given in this household, along with random sarcasm and Radio 4.  With the addition of some chopped spinach, half a baked sweet potato and a dash of soy yogurt it became a) a complete, nutritionally balanced meal and b) tasty tasty foods……

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Sweet Potato, Chickpea and Mushroom Roast


Six-day work weeks.  Gotta love ’em…pphhzzarrghhhh *collapses*.  However the days are getting longer and sunnier, and it’s nice to sense the faint “Beep!…..whirrrrrrrrrr…” that is Nature rebooting itself for another Spring.

Managed to get a full weekend off, and spent most of it cooking furiously in the manner of a devoted foodie who has been living off quick and easy noodle stirfries for the past month.  The Grauniad newspaper rose to the challenge with several delicious vegetable/nut roasts, and first up is my version of a chickpea and vegetable roast….

(Hopefully photo later, camera being re-charged…)

(Update; no photo, obviously too busy eating to tend to the pictorial needs of this blog…)

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Turkish Yogurt Soup


If cheap noodles don’t do it for you, then this luxuriously rich, herby soup might hit the spot instead.  It’s again composed mostly of store cupboard staples, and a little of this soup goes a long way (*belches*), but if you’re still cash-conscious you could probably get away with leaving out the falafels/meatballs; the rice and chickpeas will still make a pretty solid bowlful.

Thanks go to my sister for this, as my access to The Interwebs had crashed and she had to google it and read out the details of the recipe over the phone….!

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And The Sky Was Made of Amythests


A sunny Sunday afternoon.  Had Hole’s “Live Through This” on the iTunes player; now the Lord of the Rings soundtrack (never let it be said that I am not eclectic in my tastes).  Last night was brought to you courtesy of the new season of Strictly Come Dancing (YYAAAAYYY!!!), Dr Who and Under the Dome.  Plus aubergine curry, flatbreads, tzatziki and rice.  Original recipe courtesy of the lovely Jack Monroe, who is knocking it out of the ballpark re: curry recipes at the moment:




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I bought a novel, some perfume, a fortune all for you


‘Tis the Easter Bank Holiday in the UK, which in true UK fashion means it’s raining, hard.  Went to the gym and then wandered back through the shopping mall past darkened, shuttered shops, listening to the rain drum on the roof.  Bought a latte from Costas – the only things open are the chain coffee boutiques, which to be fair would probably open even during the Apocalypse, if there was the chance to flog just one last chocolate enormo-muffin before Death swept through on his white steed, gleaming scythe in hand, and decapitated the baristas.

But I digress.

I’m heavy on tinned goods at the moment, but the fridge is a Spartan waste of odds and ends of veggies.  So knocked together an impromptu lunch of chickpea-and-mushroom burgers in the last wholemeal tortilla wrap, with a dash of tomato chutney…


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One of our major supermarkets had the wonderful idea of cross-matching costs against the other two big supermarket chains, and at the check-out giving you a voucher worth the difference between what you’ve bought, and what you would have paid elsewhere. Often this can only be a few pence, but a quirk in purchasing patterns meant I ended up with £5 vouchers in total (I’m Rich! RIIIICCCHHH!!).

A quick raid of the supermarket with the vouchers netted me four big packs of spices (coriander, cumin, ginger and chilli powder), 3 tins tomatoes, 3 tins chickpeas, some naan bread and a box of eggs for around £2.66.


The other issue this time of year is running down the fresh food stocks. I’ll spend most of the Xmas period either at my dad’s house or my sister’s. Time to incorporate what’s left in the fridge into something that can be eaten at work Monday/Tuesday, or frozen ready for January. A bit of scrabbling round the interwebs gave this Australian courgette bake and a tomato and cheese bake that I protein-ed up with some tinned chickpeas The few remnants; sprouts, shallots, mushrooms etc left will go into a stirfry on Thursday or Friday (depending how sentient they’ve become in the meantime – the mushrooms already look like they’re ready to attend nursery school).

And if I don’t get the chance to post beforehand, have a gorgeous, glittery Xmas, and a very wonderful and peaceful New Year. Xxx, TheAnxiousCook.


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Little bit of what you fancy


So with a decent back-up of the basics already in the cupboard, I get to decide what regular habits get the chop. Smirnoff vodka and expensive coffee-shop lattes are easy victims (and it can’t hurt the Anxious waistline to drop these). Quorn is off the menu. Vegetables and pulses I buy as normal (although the focus is more towards carrots and potatoes than aubergines and asparagus). Tofu adds a bit of protein balance (and a £2 pack can make 3 meals) so that stays. And I allow myself one “luxury” (this week, a small pack of own-brand black olives), and an “experimental” (pack of frozen broad beans) so I still have an excuse to try out recipes in this blog, which I enjoy very much, (even if everyone else reading has given up and fecked off to McDonalds… 😉 ). So I bring to you, broadbean hummus and chickpea & tomato flatbread…

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