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What a great word.  Sounds like an insult. OI! FATTOUSH!!

But thankfully for everyone’s feelings it’s actually just a kind of Eastern Mediterranean salad, ideal for using up slightly dry/stale bread.  Which was handy as I had 2/3rds of a baton of good quality white bread to use up, just in time for a family BBQ.

Wikipedia has some nice traditional variations on the dish listed; the one I made today is based round a Jack Monroe recipe.


(no photo unfortunately as we ate most of it)


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You know, they had me at “comfort-food”.

Was alerted to the existence of this dish via the The Guardian. Apparently the Korean equivalent of Bubble & Squeak, i.e a good user-up of left-over rice and other meat and vegetable dishes, which is something I’m also a real sucker for.

(I don’t create left-overs. I create dishes with the sole intention of providing left-overs which can then be converted into the proper meal I was intending to create all along).

(Hey, it’s a hobby).

Picked up a couple of additional ideas from here.


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