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Sorry about the gap in posts.  Busy at work, plus a stinking cold, plus the run-up to the one-year anniversary of my mother’s passing, has left me reaching for the tried-and-trusted rather than the new-and-shiny.  I’ve developed an ongoing throat issue as well which I’m trying to manage by cutting out alcohol, spicy and acidic foods for a couple of weeks (argghh) and as much caffeine as I can remove without becoming an active danger to other people (HULK NEED LATTE. HULK SMASH).  Which has narrowed my options a little.  But what’s the point of having a cookery blog if it doesn’t give you a ready-made and handy back-catalogue of tasty dishes?  So I took another shot at this herby mushroom pancake, this time with feta, spinach and potato as the stuffing….


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Winter Vegetable & Cider Stew


Six days to payday, several late nights due to overtime at work to factor in, and I’m considering the contents of my pantry with a “well I could make a vegetable bake but that would leave no bread for breakfast and I could re-make that swede risotto from the other day but that would mean most of my protein comes only from nuts and cheese for the rest of the week as I’m using that cheap Tesco’s nut-roast as a basis for my Tupperware lunches for the next three days but I’ve opened that pack of feta cheese so I should find a way to use that up before it starts tapping on the inside of the fridge and singing Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” in tinny-yet-crumbly voice also I have that stew pack of winter root veg that I need to do something with as well……..”

Welcome to First World Problems!  And The Inside of My Head.  Aren’t you glad you’re just visiting?

Google, and a dusty can of Strongbow cider from the back of the drinks cabinet, To The Rescue.  For those not keen on cider, the original recipe just uses chopped apple.–barley-and-lentil-casserole.aspx?o_ln=SimRecipes_Link_4&o_is=SimilarRecipes


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Sorry, been busy. Lots of overtime at work, and when that happens it’s easier to revert to a tried-and-tested recipe (or Tesco’s new frozen Nut Roast*), rather than trying out something new and special. But I now have a couple of days off work! And therefore expect the experimentation to come thick and fast.

So stick Reef’s “Place Your Hands” on at high volume, and have chopping boards to the ready.  We’re doing oven-roast vegetables, courgette & potato & feta rosti, plus a simple yogurt dressing.

Originals courtesy of the ever-lovely Nigel Slater:


*falls into the “tastes a bit like paxo stuffing but okay with some gravy slung over it” category.  Rather than the “tastes like sawdust” category which is generally the other option for ready-made nutroasts.  Hint: buy some chestnut puree and peanuts and make your own……

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Baby, Won’t You Keep Me Happy


The weather is gradually improving, with the sun throwing out genuine waves of heat inbetween the slowly-lessening showers.  Got out of the gym in time to field a phone call from Dad – BBQ on Sunday! Time to hit the EnormoAsda and stock up on the veggie burgers.  Sunburn season approaches, and by Dog its long overdue!

Was starving after the gym, and there was only a little bit of the noodle soup from yesterday left over, so after I scarfed it I hit the fridge again, craving a summery hit of peas, mint and feta.  This delicious soup certainly delivered…..

Original inspiration from here:


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