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…but its not my conscience that hates to be untrue…


Now I’m not religious, but I’m not impressed by a newspaper that chose Easter Sunday of all days to attack food banks.  Apparently someone in this “Christian” newspaper hasn’t actually read the New Testament (and neither has our Glorious Prime Minister, whose inherited £8million personal fortune will have to be scrunched up rreeeaaallll small to go through the eye of a needle).

By the way, the local Tangleton food bank did a lot to assist local victims of the 2013/14 Winter Floods (around 50-60 local families in total).  Who presumably only had their properties destroyed by rising groundwater from one of the wettest winters on record as they were too feckless and stupid to buy or rent homes built on 12 foot bloody stilts, in an estate that has no history of this type, level and intensity of flooding.

And the kickback… 😉