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One Step Ahead


….tis confirmed, my mother has developed a second bout of cancer, liver with a possibility of the oesophagus being involved somewhere as well. She’s still at home, and quite mobile, independent and coherent (if a little Off With The Fairies due to the morphine). But the hospital seem confident that there are still options for treatment and management, and quite a long road yet to go before we all give up and go get our smartest black clothes dry-cleaned.

I suppose that counts, in the circumstances, as a winning score.

In the meantime life goes on; weather continues cloudy and humid, employers expect myself and my sister to show up for paid employment, my nephew still requires feeding, clothing, schooling and Harry Potter-ing, and I’m on the hunt for a suitable coffee table for the flat (long, low, sturdy, and made of wood in an “oak” or “birch” tone).

I continue to stalk the blog – this time accidentally. Sainsbury’s are selling wedges of brie for £1*, and I have a couple of ends of courgette in the fridge. Googling said ingredients brought up a tasty Tomato, Brie and Courgette gratin from the blog. Enjoy……..


*at this point half my readership drop the mouse and leg it to the nearest store….**
**too slow, suckers, I’ve bought it aaaaaallllllll….

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