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A Fool and His Medals


Felt like a serious Sunday brunch was required, and a random post in a newspaper…..

…. sparked off a sudden desire for shakshuka/huevos rancheros, which when at home is known as “eggs with spicy tomato stuff”, a recipe I’ve explored previously on a number of occasions, only this time with beans involved.  I understand that traditional Middle-Eastern preference is for fava beans (the humble broad bean to us Brits), but I compromised with what’s actually in the cupboard, and chucked in a can of cannellini beans instead.  Whilst you’re waiting for yours to cook, check out this Wikipedia entry on Fuls Medames, a common Middle-Eastern breakfast.  Now let’s be honest, does this not look way cooler and more nourishing than a bowl of Frosties….?


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Was rudely woken by the alarm on my mobile at 6.30 this morning.  Particularly galling as I’m actually on leave today and don’t remember setting the alarm for anything whatsoever short of 2016 (!).  Dossed about listening to Radio 4 for a bit then consoled myself with this spicy Turkish breakfast recipe and a coriander mini-naan, utilising some left-overs from yesterday’s post:-

Original from here:


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Meowrraomeowrewmeowmeowrraomeowrewmeowmeowrraomeowrewmeow (Charly said)


Saturday night at the sister’s again, another episode of Peter Capaldi’s mad-eyed Dr Who to savour, plus the usual banquet.  Been cooking most of the afternoon; krispy kale with kashews, flatbreads, Quorn ham &  cheese frittata.  Also used up what was left of last night’s chilli con carne in a chilli frittata (tomorrow’s breakfast).  Plus there was an additional Unintentional Frittata, when my attempt at Nigel Slater’s bacon and pea fritters went horribly wrong and I decided to try and rescue the ingredients rather than just dumping them.

(I think I need to buy some more eggs).


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Change of Winds


I am so, so tired at the moment, nearly dropped off at work. Promised myself I’d come home, brush my teeth, switch on Radio 4 and just sort-of pass out on the nearest horizontal surface… of course here I am at 9ish at night, cooking two separate oven-baked dishes plus sorting out some defrosted-then-re-heated spicy lentil bake + salad for tomorrow’s lunch, having also done the washing-up, hung up some laundry and raided Sainsbury’s for Special Offer chickpeas (4 tins for a Paahhhnnnnddd….!).

According to the weather forecast, tonight is when we switch from the humid, temperate autumn we’ve enjoyed so far, with tasteful hints of gold and red on the leaves, and into a true Winter-Is-Bloody-Coming Hang-Onto-Your-Direwolves cold spell. I spent a few minutes leaning out of the window, enjoying the newly-sharp, clean air in contrast to the over-heated kitchen. I’m sure I’ll be cursing the cold weather soon enough, but right now it’s a surprisingly pleasant razorblade to the lungs.

Yoinks ago, I praised the dish Huevos a la Flamenca on this blog. Unfortunately the link I had no longer goes to that recipe, but I’d recommend a quick google for the many other versions out there, it really is a great recipe and pretty flexible if you’ve got any combination of eggs, vegetarian ham/bacon/mince, mushrooms, onion, tomatoes and spices, or spare chilli con carne or spicy tomato pasta sauce knocking around. Warming to this theme, I also made a version of this ratatouille with baked eggs, original recipe here:


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They Named it Twice


There’s a jokey line about New York – “New York, New York, so good they named it twice!”. And after a weekend of dragging around huge boxes of books/clothes/computer gear/CDs/books/cooking gear/sketch pads/books/more books/bedding etc, I was gasping for something quick, freshly-cooked, yet comforting and easy. My new flat is, fortunately, up to scratch with plenty of cupboards and work-surfaces, plus a decent cooker and, aaaaaannnnnnnnnnnndddddddddd…..*drum roll*……………….An In-built Chrome-Steel Spice-Rack.

An In-built Chrome-Steel Spice-Rack.

Behold the Rackness and Weep, Bitches.


Unearthing some recipes that had been buried in storage for a year, I tripped over this one, that proved to be so damn good that I went back five minutes after finishing the first plate, ascertained that there weren’t enough fresh tomatoes left but I could probably do a reasonable job with tinned tomatoes, and proceeded to cook a plateful for myself a second time.

I also surmise that this would make a kick-arse hangover cure. And as there’s a flat-warming party coming up, I am willing to take the hit on behalf of Science and check for you….. 🙂

Hott Eggs, Hott Eggs

Everything in its right place


Used up some of the left-over chilli from the other day in this recipe, plus some Quorn ham, instead of the prosciutto and chorizo. Original from here;  And it was rather fabulous.  The additional ingredients, plus letting it stand for a bit, meant that the chilli was much less sweet and more flavourful.  Also it took one meal’s worth of left-over chilli to two meals’ worth.  As the writer themself puts “What’s great about this dish is that you can throw in anything that is available in your pantry or fridge and whip it up for dinner in less than 15 minutes.”  As such, having another go, only this time swapping Cauldron Lincolnshire sausages and Quorn bacon in for the prosciutto and chorizo. Some of the button mushrooms need using up before they up and leave under their own power; chopped them up fine, and then the tomatoes/spices were replaced by some spicy tomato pasta sauce donated by my parents, as Mum is still a little shaky on foods that are too spicy or hot.  Shall report back on how it goes…..

UPDATE: it rocked.  This recipe is going straight into the “permanent favourites” list.