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“…so fat on death my body burst, but enough about me!”


For the final course of tonight’s extravaganza, I present a subtle yet satisfying leek fritter with sauce….


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“1066 the Doomsday Book I gave to history….”


And here’s the recipe for the other 1/4 of the aubergine!  I particularly liked this one, very tasty.


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“they call me the first English king, although I came from France…”


Next up, one half of that Half an Aubergine That’s Been Blocking Up the Fridge For a While.

A spicy side-dish, with a Mediterranean slant….


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“I’m Willliam the Conqueror, my enemies stood no chance…..”


I remember an episode from the British sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf, where a female character purringly offers a male character one of the greatest post-coital back-handed compliments I’ve ever heard….

“…you make love….like a Japanese meal.

Small portions. 

But so many courses….”.

In this spirit, tonight’s blog consists of various Japanese-influenced yet unavoidably Anglicised dishes, given that even laying hands on some miso paste required a Viking-style ransack of half of Tangleton town centre.  Japanese egg-plants, mirin, kombu, shaoxing wine, thai basil, woodear mushrooms and other such delicacies – no chance.

However, I kid myself that I rose to the occasion with what I could scrounge, hope you enjoy these as much as I have.

(Please note that I was indeed cooking small portions of each dish, so scale up if you’re looking to make any particular one into a full meal).

First up, the soup course.  Original from here…..


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