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Chilli Con Carne Burgers


Had an attack of Sod This For A Game of Larks! Tuesday night, so rather than wrestling with the contents of the fridge, went and bought Quorn mince, a tin of kidney beans and a jar of ready-prepared chilli con carne sauce. Bung it all in the wok, faff about a bit with extra chilli powder and tomato puree, and the result is a bowl of spicy chilli heaven, with minimum work. A bit of bread to dip in it? A glass of dry white wine?

Sod the hair products, this is Because I’m Worth It.

Was a little more frugal tonight, and stretched out the remaining chilli with some wholemeal breadcrumbs and an egg, creating enough burgers for a light supper and also a lunchbox for Friday.


(You may note in the picture above the jar of Sussex Valley Garlic Mayonnaise – I am not sponsored by them, but would like to be. My sister bought me this jar to stop me raiding her stash).

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In Which I Dice with Death


Work continues stressful. I toyed with booking a massage to try and unkink the muscle knots in my back and neck, although the poor masseuse might have more luck with a hammer and chisel than with, say, lavender oil.

But in the meantime here’s a classic bit of veggie cooking, and a great clearer of odds-and-ends; the vegetable and bean stew. Perfect summer-fare (when a fine June day in the UK has consisted of heavy rain and lashing winds, and guess who forgot her nice warm fleece this morning?).


Spicy Vegetable & Bean Stew