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Sorry, been busy. Lots of overtime at work, and when that happens it’s easier to revert to a tried-and-tested recipe (or Tesco’s new frozen Nut Roast*), rather than trying out something new and special. But I now have a couple of days off work! And therefore expect the experimentation to come thick and fast.

So stick Reef’s “Place Your Hands” on at high volume, and have chopping boards to the ready.  We’re doing oven-roast vegetables, courgette & potato & feta rosti, plus a simple yogurt dressing.

Originals courtesy of the ever-lovely Nigel Slater:


*falls into the “tastes a bit like paxo stuffing but okay with some gravy slung over it” category.  Rather than the “tastes like sawdust” category which is generally the other option for ready-made nutroasts.  Hint: buy some chestnut puree and peanuts and make your own……

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Summer of 63


The supermarket had an aubergine marked down to 63p.  I bought it with the vague idea of a curry, but after consulting the Oracle of the Fridge picked up this Jack Monroe aubergine “meatballs” recipe to try instead….


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Chilli Con Carne Burgers


Had an attack of Sod This For A Game of Larks! Tuesday night, so rather than wrestling with the contents of the fridge, went and bought Quorn mince, a tin of kidney beans and a jar of ready-prepared chilli con carne sauce. Bung it all in the wok, faff about a bit with extra chilli powder and tomato puree, and the result is a bowl of spicy chilli heaven, with minimum work. A bit of bread to dip in it? A glass of dry white wine?

Sod the hair products, this is Because I’m Worth It.

Was a little more frugal tonight, and stretched out the remaining chilli with some wholemeal breadcrumbs and an egg, creating enough burgers for a light supper and also a lunchbox for Friday.


(You may note in the picture above the jar of Sussex Valley Garlic Mayonnaise – I am not sponsored by them, but would like to be. My sister bought me this jar to stop me raiding her stash).

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Live at Red Onion Rocks


Picked up a couple of recipes from Deena Kakaya’s website, and as they both require red onion (and I only have one in the fridge), I thought I’d have a go at both simultaneously. One, a fenugreek-heavy tofu curry, the other a chickpea-flour pancake, staggering under the even heavier weight of sweetpotato and courgette. Enjoy.



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Sweet potato, carrot and blackbean koftas


Tripped over a roasted butternut & black-bean kofta recipe on As I soaked and boiled a barrelful of black beans to make the chilli in the last recipe, I thought I’d set aside a couple of handfuls for this. With pitta bread, salad and low-fat mayo they’ll make an excellent packed lunch for the next couple of days. Assuming I don’t snaffle them all once they’re out of the oven….


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