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Chickpea and Mushroom Casserole


As per usual I had a box of mushrooms in the fridge that were pretty much on the turn.  And of course tinned chickpeas are a given in this household, along with random sarcasm and Radio 4.  With the addition of some chopped spinach, half a baked sweet potato and a dash of soy yogurt it became a) a complete, nutritionally balanced meal and b) tasty tasty foods……

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Sweet Potato & Sultana Scones


So with the other half of the Infinite Sweet Potato, you can knock up these savoury/sweetish scones, that I think might just do better with cheese than they would with jam (you may disagree).  Either way, easy to knock-up last minute and put in a Tupperware box labelled “Spooky Sweet Potato Scones!” for the Halloween festivities…..

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