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Carrot & Spinach Dhal


Okay, I admit that this isn’t the prettiest dish you’ll ever throw into a bowl, but, it’s as comforting and warming as a bowl of porridge with treacle (treacle!), only with the vitamins and iron of carrot & spinach, and the protein of that faithful old standby, red lentils.   The left overs are even better the next day, chucked in a dish to reheat in the oven, with an egg cracked over them halfway through to bake:

Original from here:


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Pea, Dhal & Mushroom Curry


I suppose I feel obliged to comment on That Photo by Kim Kardashian; to whit, I’m reminded I need somewhere new to park my mountain bike.

Saturday dinner was tasty homity pie and breaded mushrooms at the lovely Jekyll & Hyde pub, Home of the Yes You Have More Than One Vegetarian Option and they ALL look taaaasty menu.  Sunday was Whatsleftoftheauberginechilli on toast, then a 45 minute walk at a brisk trot to the EnormoAsda, as I needed the ingredients for a Fattoush salad for Sunday dinner at Dad’s.  Also picked up some ‘shrooms for this highly spicy mushroom curry.


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Moong Dhal – the Cure


Work is full of sick people, and it doesn’t help that because our heating system is old and dodgy the entire office is kept at a standard temperature more usually associated with tropical islands, dusky maidens in grass skirts and strategically-placed half-coconut shells etc etc.

I’m nursing an eyelid cyst along with everything else, and began to get serious cravings for spinach and dark leaved vegetables last week.  Figuring that my body knows what it needs, I indulged it with spinach frittata / sweetheart cabbage & brie bake / red lentil & spinach curry, but apparently this wasn’t enough to stave off illness, as I woke this morning with a sore throat and headache.

Phoned in sick and slept through till 1pm.  Ate the last of the spinach frittata. Found some whisky at the back of the drinks cabinet and had a hot toddy with honey*.  Then fired up this creamy moong lentil dhal, which apparently is a popular recipe with the convalescent and sick in India….

Original here:


*if you’re going to be ill you might as well enjoy it…

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Million Dhallor Baby


Next up, chana dhal.  Tasty and moreish.  That was dinner, on a humid Saturday night, along with freshly-fried flatbreads, samosa and bhaji.  We paddled in the big paddling pool in the back garden, drank copious amounts of vodka, and ate like slightly damp kings…..

Original found here:

 (Photo to be uploaded when WordPress stops fecking about)


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Another Day, Another Dhallor


Had a go at Toor Dahl – edible enough but not worth writing up.  Will tweak the recipe, try again some other time.

However, the version of tarka the recipe employed was a little different to the usual spicyonionmixthing, and I redid it separately today, with some Quorn chicken, to create a fresh-tasting, Indian-influenced stir fry.


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Mung Dahl pretend you’re high pretend you’re bored pretend you’re anything just to be adored


Like a lot of vegetarians I cottoned onto lentil dhal pretty early on, in my case via Rose Elliot’s “Cheap & Easy” vegetarian cookbook (see inset photograph of authentically stained and loose-leafed recipe page).  Like most of the recipes in the book it was very much avec-training-wheels cooking, using the ubiquitous red lentil, garlic, onion, chilli, cumin, turmeric and creamed coconut, and ready to go in 30 minutes.  However “Cheap & Easy” did What It Said On The Tin and kept me sustained with economic yet spicy protein for quite a while, before I eventually tired of it and moved onto other styles of cooking.


Since then I’ve discovered that there is indeed more than one lentil available in the world, and as such I’m going to be trying out a few different types and recipes of Dhal.  First up, mung dahl, comforting and creamy but with an enlivening burn of fresh green chillis.  Original recipe can be found simmering away here….


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Let all the children boogie….


It’s Friday night, and with my mighty Anxious Powers I have combined a portion of defrosted dhal from and the pancakes from, plus some tomato chutney, and a couple of vodkas with coke, to create the ultimate “Friday night Lentil Dhal Wrapped In A Coconut-Flavoured Rice Flour Pancake With A Dab of Chutney Dining Experience”.

Right, I’m off to watch Iron Man 3 and drink a couple more vodkas.