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A Fool and His Medals


Felt like a serious Sunday brunch was required, and a random post in a newspaper…..

…. sparked off a sudden desire for shakshuka/huevos rancheros, which when at home is known as “eggs with spicy tomato stuff”, a recipe I’ve explored previously on a number of occasions, only this time with beans involved.  I understand that traditional Middle-Eastern preference is for fava beans (the humble broad bean to us Brits), but I compromised with what’s actually in the cupboard, and chucked in a can of cannellini beans instead.  Whilst you’re waiting for yours to cook, check out this Wikipedia entry on Fuls Medames, a common Middle-Eastern breakfast.  Now let’s be honest, does this not look way cooler and more nourishing than a bowl of Frosties….?


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Lentil, Bulgur Wheat, Paprika & Mint Soup


Between overtime at work and various other stuff it’s likely to be busy this week, so decided to knock up this tasty lentil soup.  Between this, the biryani rice, and a pack of defrosted mini-naans I should be well sorted dinner-wise for the week ahead….

Original from here:


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Lemon (and Tofu) Song


“Hen nights and weddings and M&M Stores,

Sickness and London and camping outdoors,

Working and housework and emptying bins,

These are a few of my favourite things…….”

Sorry, as you can see, been a bit busy.  But I’m dropping by with a little something for the vegetarian lunchbox, crunchy chilli tofu wraps.   Wasn’t overly impressed with the tofu when I made it, sampled straight from the pan, but in corn tortilla wraps with low fat mayo, a hint of grated cheddar and some chopped cherry tomatoes it was actually rather tasty.  Feel free to also try with traditional Mexican wrap fillings such as guacamole and salsa.

Original from here:


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Sunday afternoon cookathon ahoy!

First up, lunch for work. Unearthed this delicious kidney-bean dip, which I can see becoming an instant lunch-time classic.  Slung it into a couple of Tupperware containers with soft cheese, tomato, spring onion, carrot sticks, naan bread, and some left-over yellow pepper chunks from my other recipe, a rather pleasant Japanese-influenced tofu and vegetable curry.

Originals are here….


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Chilli Con Carne Burgers


Had an attack of Sod This For A Game of Larks! Tuesday night, so rather than wrestling with the contents of the fridge, went and bought Quorn mince, a tin of kidney beans and a jar of ready-prepared chilli con carne sauce. Bung it all in the wok, faff about a bit with extra chilli powder and tomato puree, and the result is a bowl of spicy chilli heaven, with minimum work. A bit of bread to dip in it? A glass of dry white wine?

Sod the hair products, this is Because I’m Worth It.

Was a little more frugal tonight, and stretched out the remaining chilli with some wholemeal breadcrumbs and an egg, creating enough burgers for a light supper and also a lunchbox for Friday.


(You may note in the picture above the jar of Sussex Valley Garlic Mayonnaise – I am not sponsored by them, but would like to be. My sister bought me this jar to stop me raiding her stash).

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Change of Winds


I am so, so tired at the moment, nearly dropped off at work. Promised myself I’d come home, brush my teeth, switch on Radio 4 and just sort-of pass out on the nearest horizontal surface… of course here I am at 9ish at night, cooking two separate oven-baked dishes plus sorting out some defrosted-then-re-heated spicy lentil bake + salad for tomorrow’s lunch, having also done the washing-up, hung up some laundry and raided Sainsbury’s for Special Offer chickpeas (4 tins for a Paahhhnnnnddd….!).

According to the weather forecast, tonight is when we switch from the humid, temperate autumn we’ve enjoyed so far, with tasteful hints of gold and red on the leaves, and into a true Winter-Is-Bloody-Coming Hang-Onto-Your-Direwolves cold spell. I spent a few minutes leaning out of the window, enjoying the newly-sharp, clean air in contrast to the over-heated kitchen. I’m sure I’ll be cursing the cold weather soon enough, but right now it’s a surprisingly pleasant razorblade to the lungs.

Yoinks ago, I praised the dish Huevos a la Flamenca on this blog. Unfortunately the link I had no longer goes to that recipe, but I’d recommend a quick google for the many other versions out there, it really is a great recipe and pretty flexible if you’ve got any combination of eggs, vegetarian ham/bacon/mince, mushrooms, onion, tomatoes and spices, or spare chilli con carne or spicy tomato pasta sauce knocking around. Warming to this theme, I also made a version of this ratatouille with baked eggs, original recipe here:


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Chocolate chilli


There may be a flurry of posts today (all hands brace for impact!), as I’m having a bit of a cook-a-thon. After that it might be radio silence for a bit, as the information from doctors is that my mother’s cancer has reoccurred and now spread to her liver, and as such my focus may be elsewhere.

In the meantime I would like to introduce you to some new members of the family; joining Spike the Lucky Bamboo plant and Steve the basil plant, are these charming young Cayenne pepper seedlings. I found a box of seeds for 99p in the 99p Shop (naturally) and although the packet was a year out of date, and the peppers normally need to be planted between February and June, I like a challenge. So does the cayenne pepper plant it seems, and I now have four healthy seedlings that I transferred to their own pots yesterday.


I’d also like to introduce you to another Jack Monroe recipe, this time for bean chilli with dark chocolate, a smooth, tasty and somewhat luxurious take on yer bog-standard chilli con carne…


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