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Thank Feck It’s Friday.

Walked home from work.  The weather is unusually warm for this slice of September, and humid.  Berries and blazing, turning leaves.  Thunderstorms don’t so much happen, as hit-and-run, clutching your handbag and your necklace as they flee.   Craneflies lurch drunkenly across my path, too lethargic for flight.  Slugs the size of white transit vans steam along the pavement at a gear-crunching 0.001 miles a hour.  If I listen closely I can hear the “WHOORRAHAAAWAHAA NICE EYE-STALKS DARLIN’ BEEP BEEEEEPPPPP”.

Eventually got round to cooking dinner.  Original here from Jack Monroe:


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Mung Dahl pretend you’re high pretend you’re bored pretend you’re anything just to be adored


Like a lot of vegetarians I cottoned onto lentil dhal pretty early on, in my case via Rose Elliot’s “Cheap & Easy” vegetarian cookbook (see inset photograph of authentically stained and loose-leafed recipe page).  Like most of the recipes in the book it was very much avec-training-wheels cooking, using the ubiquitous red lentil, garlic, onion, chilli, cumin, turmeric and creamed coconut, and ready to go in 30 minutes.  However “Cheap & Easy” did What It Said On The Tin and kept me sustained with economic yet spicy protein for quite a while, before I eventually tired of it and moved onto other styles of cooking.


Since then I’ve discovered that there is indeed more than one lentil available in the world, and as such I’m going to be trying out a few different types and recipes of Dhal.  First up, mung dahl, comforting and creamy but with an enlivening burn of fresh green chillis.  Original recipe can be found simmering away here….


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FAlliNg sKiES


Tired, run-down, and in no great hurry to get out of bed this morning and see what the Forces of Heck have planned for me today.  Limped home after work in desperate need of something warming, wholesome, light, yet nourishing, that I can cook whilst dancing round the kitchen to Soft Cell’s “Sex Dwarf“, vodka and coke in hand.

Oh look, still got 2/3rds of a jar of miso and ginger paste.  Hmmm….

Settled on a version of the tofu and cabbage soup from the other day, only with quorn chicken pieces and carrot slices instead.  Slung the rest of the veg into a Japanese-influenced stir-fry + some cashews for extra protein. Result.




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Butter Up


Recommendation: watch The Heat, an odd-couple buddy movie with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McConnell. Seriously. It’s ruddy hilarious and you will never see Tic Tacs in the same way again…..

Nuts, nut butter and nut oils are generally high calorie, but as a vegetarian I don’t feel too bad about (moderate) consumption of them, due to all that proteiny goodness, and the fact that a little can go quite a long way. So when Nigel Slater popped this recipe onto the Observer website I rushed out to buy one of those pre-packed Stew Packs of root vegetables that appear magically in supermarkets this time of year.


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You know, they had me at “comfort-food”.

Was alerted to the existence of this dish via the The Guardian. Apparently the Korean equivalent of Bubble & Squeak, i.e a good user-up of left-over rice and other meat and vegetable dishes, which is something I’m also a real sucker for.

(I don’t create left-overs. I create dishes with the sole intention of providing left-overs which can then be converted into the proper meal I was intending to create all along).

(Hey, it’s a hobby).

Picked up a couple of additional ideas from here.


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Lunch with Tiffany


I’ve found that including pulses or beans of some kind in my lunchbox for work is an effective way of staving off hunger pains and keeping my blood sugar steady until I get home. After spending last week rocking an incredibly garlicky humous (which I got away with as everyone at work has snuffly colds), I thought I’d give this butterbean pate from a try.

I struggle a little with butterbeans – whatever you do to them they seem to retain a smooth blandness, but in this case the addition of nut oil seems to give them a little extra edge. Wouldn’t mind redoing this recipe again, maybe with a little tahini, and perhaps a little lime or lemon juice….?


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