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Oatcake Chaos


I don’t often eat porridge for breakfast, as although it’s an economical and healthy dish, I tend to find it makes me sluggish for a couple of hours afterwards.  (Not to mention the joy of chipping the concrete-like remains off the saucepan when I get home in the evening).  However I had a bit of success this week using a version of the below bannock recipe, balanced with some protein in the form of scrambled egg, or soft cheese with marmite, which gives the slow-burn benefit of the oats without leaving me feeling like a python that’s eaten a particularly fat goat…

Jack’s recipe is all oats as she food-processes some of them to provide a smoother element to the dough.  Lacking such modern mechanical fripperies I substituted a little wheat flour – the result still had that distinctive oat crunch.


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