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In the interests of displacement activity


Refried black bean wraps.

Soak and then thoroughly cook dried black beans (or, more simply, get them out of a can if anyone sells them near you).  Then mash thoroughly with a potato masher (good exercise) or food processor (cheat!).

You want these ones:  although experiments with a mixture of kidney beans and black-eye beans show some promise as well.

Heat oil in wok or saucepan, add couple cloves garlic, then add cumin and paprika (be generous with the paprika).  Then add the bean mash and fry.  The mash can be dry so you may wish to add a little butter/margarine to help the process.

Grate handful cheddar cheese, add to the mix and mix well.  Take off the heat and leave to cool.

Take flour tortilla, add a dash of butter or mayo, a layer of the bean spread, and sprinkle with salad (my chosen is tomato, cucumber, red onion and carrot diced fine). Roll the tortilla and its contents into the usual wrap shape.