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Sweet Potato, Fake Bacon and Leek Risotto


Took a hint from the biryani rice recipe of the other day, and gave up on risottos where you stand and stir, add more stock, stand and stir, add more stock….not when there’s an Angry Birds Halloween tournament to attend to, no sirree!  Sling it all in a roasting tin, pour over the stock and seal with foil.  Bung in the oven, and Bob’s your uncle (or at least the singer from the Cure).  Adapted the below pumpkin and bacon risotto for this sweet potato and Quorn bacon-type fing.  Served with a sprinkling of parmesan and the sweet, sweet taste of victory over those pesky Angry Birds zombie pigs……


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Vegetable Biryani


Yesterday was 3 hours on the train and 3 back to an old university friend’s 40th birthday.  He now has a large family so it was an afternoon sandwich buffet and catch-up rather than a raucous drunken affair, but it was lovely to meet up with people I hadn’t seen for quite some time, look over photos from the 1990s *cringe*, and generally see where life has taken us in the intervening 20 years.

Came home knackered and with that over-stuffed with cheese sandwiches, pizza and crisps feeling.  So slept in late, and brunch was a bowl of salad and chicken quorn pieces drizzled lightly with olive oil.  Feeling that my fat and salt levels had been restored to normal, I decided to clear the fridge of some odds and ends of vegetables with this tasty and fragrant biryani…


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Red & Green


Sorry about the radio silence – work is manic. It’s 2014’s first financial quarter end, UK financial year end, and quite possibly the End of the World’s Financial End as well. Plus the Financial End of the World. But I spotted these two, which put together look rather pretty don’t you think? Of course I forgot to buy any white wine for the risotto. And forgot to add the butter to the chicken dish. And the risotto rice isn’t uncooked arborio but some left-over cooked white long-grain*. And I didn’t have any white onion so had to use a couple of shallots. And I nearly forgot to buy the savoy cabbage, necessitating a mad dash back across the supermarket (thank you, patient Supermarket Cashier Person).

The rice dish is courtesy of, whilst the “chicken” curry comes from a Reader’s Recipe Swap – Curry in the same newspaper, which had disappeared from the online edition by the time I got home and was therefore created, from scratch, from memory. Valiant Curry Recipe Provider, I salute you, and apologise for any omissions. (Apart from the omission of actual chicken of course).


*you have no idea how much fuss The Right Rice was causing over at the Comments section on the Jack Monroe recipe….

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Look! A Ri/Ce!


One of my work colleagues dug up a screen saver of something he thought would specifically make me laugh, which was the AC/DC band logo reworked as:

Highway to Look, a Squirrel!

Not sure what he means by this, I’m sure I’m a paragon of calm serenity and Buddhist focus at work. Okay there was that discussion of the effect of large collections of kitsch garden gnomes on the male libido. But it was all done….mindfully I assure you.

I decided I didn’t have enough washing-up to do, so decided to make two rice dishes simultaneously tonight in order to add that authentic precariously-heaped-mountain-of-crockery-and-now-I’ve-run-out-of-bloody-spoons vibe to the kitchen. One a soothing but spicy pilaf main dish, the other a “brunch” according to the original recipe, although to be fair I think it’s a brunch for someone who’s much more awake mid-morning at the weekend than I am…..

Originals can be found here:


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Fake Chicken Cacciatore Avec Le Belle Pesto Sans Merci


I’m more in and out of my flat right now than the hokey-cokey, but here’s what I knocked together out of various store cupboard and fridge bits, with a little help from


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