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E=Spicy MBubbleC & 2Squeak


As mentioned in the last post, you should have a certain amount of spicy potato mash left over from the stuffed peppers recipe.  By an amazing cosmic coincidence I had some sprouts, 1/3 of a sweetheart cabbage, and a few slices of vegetarian bacon lying around as well.  Onion and garlic are a given in this household, like the kitchen sink, an eclectic music collection, and the large number of 1950s classic sci-fi novels from the Tangleton British Heart Foundation charity shop lying around….*



*’Waterstones’ For The Skint, And The Collectors of the Obscure.

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Roast Cabbage Wedges


Autumn is upon us, with mellow fruits and mistfulness.  An Anxious’s thoughts begin to turn to root vegetables and cabbages, those staple winter stocks and enablers of  Tasty Casserole.  Tonight however the weather was still humid and warm enough to suit something less rib-sticking; simple grilled vegetarian sausages, some left-over French bread, and chunks of savoy cabbage, drizzled with olive oil and mustard and roasted in the oven…..

Original here:



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FATFAL Noodles


1) RIP Rik Mayall

2) Spent Monday off work sick, and the rest of the week playing catch-up.  Tired, narked, tired-narked and thoroughly tarked-noff.   Fortunately found this recipe, which, even if you’re not hungover, ticks the boxes of quick, convenient, tasty and pleasingly messy to eat.  F**k All This For a Laugh Noodles, if you will….

Right Kids?



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“I’m Willliam the Conqueror, my enemies stood no chance…..”


I remember an episode from the British sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf, where a female character purringly offers a male character one of the greatest post-coital back-handed compliments I’ve ever heard….

“…you make love….like a Japanese meal.

Small portions. 

But so many courses….”.

In this spirit, tonight’s blog consists of various Japanese-influenced yet unavoidably Anglicised dishes, given that even laying hands on some miso paste required a Viking-style ransack of half of Tangleton town centre.  Japanese egg-plants, mirin, kombu, shaoxing wine, thai basil, woodear mushrooms and other such delicacies – no chance.

However, I kid myself that I rose to the occasion with what I could scrounge, hope you enjoy these as much as I have.

(Please note that I was indeed cooking small portions of each dish, so scale up if you’re looking to make any particular one into a full meal).

First up, the soup course.  Original from here…..


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Ich Will


Oh, it’s raining again.  Oh well, in these situations one can only kick back, turn up the volume on a Kerrang! heavy-metal compilation on the iTunes (hi Rammstein!), and look to yet another comforting soup.

One of the Seven Wonders of Tangleton is the small Cash & Carry/Off-Licence shop hidden behind the White Lion Hotel at the top of the town centre.  Every possible type of flour, spice, herb and lentil that an Anxious can stagger home carrying.  Today’s haul included a huge bottle of soy sauce, coconut cream, two tins chickpeas, zaatar, somaq and chives, for a princely £8.  Unfortunately this frugality was somewhat blown by having to buy miso from the Marks & Sparks Foodhall, as no other bugger in Tangleton appears to stock the stuff.  And even then it is a miso and ginger “recipe” paste, rather than miso paste / firstworldproblems.

Still, mustn’t grumble.  The ginger ended up as quite a nice note in the below soup recipe…..

Original recipe from here:



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Smoky Quorn Turkey & Bacon Leftovers Stew


Dear Gawd, but we did stuff ourselves with food yesterday evening.  The usual family Sunday dinner was amped up a bit in honour of Easter, and there was turkey, roast potatoes, sausages wrapped in bacon, stuffing, gravy, veggies and other such good things, with vegetarian turkey roll, bacon, sausages etc for me.  My vegetarian status didn’t protect me however from a half-penny sized burn on the wrist via a lump of hot pig fat that made a last ditch OINK! for freedom.  And then 10 minutes gazing blankly out of the window with my arm under the cold tap.

I went home with a big foil pack of vegetarian “meats” as leftovers, and combined with a handful of vegetables in desperate need of using up before they also make a last ditch OINK! for freedom, came up with this casserole……



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Red & Green


Sorry about the radio silence – work is manic. It’s 2014’s first financial quarter end, UK financial year end, and quite possibly the End of the World’s Financial End as well. Plus the Financial End of the World. But I spotted these two, which put together look rather pretty don’t you think? Of course I forgot to buy any white wine for the risotto. And forgot to add the butter to the chicken dish. And the risotto rice isn’t uncooked arborio but some left-over cooked white long-grain*. And I didn’t have any white onion so had to use a couple of shallots. And I nearly forgot to buy the savoy cabbage, necessitating a mad dash back across the supermarket (thank you, patient Supermarket Cashier Person).

The rice dish is courtesy of, whilst the “chicken” curry comes from a Reader’s Recipe Swap – Curry in the same newspaper, which had disappeared from the online edition by the time I got home and was therefore created, from scratch, from memory. Valiant Curry Recipe Provider, I salute you, and apologise for any omissions. (Apart from the omission of actual chicken of course).


*you have no idea how much fuss The Right Rice was causing over at the Comments section on the Jack Monroe recipe….

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