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Sasquatch Squash


In celebration of my finally managing to tie a head scarf on single-handed*, I present more soup!

Original from here:, amended to sweet potato as, whilst I like squash, life is arguably too short to spend a Sunday afternoon peeling one of the frackers, even with Planet Rock’s Blues Brunch grooving on down in the background…..


*I’m sure additional arms are required somewhere.

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Baby, Won’t You Keep Me Happy


The weather is gradually improving, with the sun throwing out genuine waves of heat inbetween the slowly-lessening showers.  Got out of the gym in time to field a phone call from Dad – BBQ on Sunday! Time to hit the EnormoAsda and stock up on the veggie burgers.  Sunburn season approaches, and by Dog its long overdue!

Was starving after the gym, and there was only a little bit of the noodle soup from yesterday left over, so after I scarfed it I hit the fridge again, craving a summery hit of peas, mint and feta.  This delicious soup certainly delivered…..

Original inspiration from here:


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FAlliNg sKiES


Tired, run-down, and in no great hurry to get out of bed this morning and see what the Forces of Heck have planned for me today.  Limped home after work in desperate need of something warming, wholesome, light, yet nourishing, that I can cook whilst dancing round the kitchen to Soft Cell’s “Sex Dwarf“, vodka and coke in hand.

Oh look, still got 2/3rds of a jar of miso and ginger paste.  Hmmm….

Settled on a version of the tofu and cabbage soup from the other day, only with quorn chicken pieces and carrot slices instead.  Slung the rest of the veg into a Japanese-influenced stir-fry + some cashews for extra protein. Result.




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Was woken up at around 7.30am by an enormous crack of thunder, followed by the scent and sound of heavy rain.  I retreated deeply under the duvet and stayed there, occasionally poking out a big toe to see if the temperature had increased.

Eventually was forced to surface so I could go to the gym and run a few other errands, but the weather has continued Miserable, with a Side-order of Heavy Precipitation.  Fortunately I spotted just the antidote over at, which also conveniently put paid to a quarter jar of Balti curry paste that was lurking menacingly at the back of the fridge…..


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Spring Clean


…well that’s the spring clean of the flat 95% done – just need to scrub the hob and clean the fridge, then no housework for another 12 months LOL.

Took a break for a nourishing noodle soup – original can be found here


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Peasant-Hunting Season


Sorry about the quiet period – been very busy at work and not had chance to try out any new recipes. But I managed to squeeze a new one in today, just for you! Consider it a late Valentine’s gift, with extra cabbage, if you will.

Ahh, sundried tomatoes in olive oil, how I adore you. Got a jar for Xmas and finally caved in and opened it. I always swear I’ll save the tomato-infused oil and use it on something special; what actually happens is that I end up pouring it into a bowl, scooping it up with bread and salt and scarfing it down in a very unladylike oil-dribbling-down-your-chin kind of way. And they were perfect for the below recipe, as a strong-tasting, oily, chewy vegetarian substitute for anchovies….

(excitingly-blurry photo of said dish will be up when my new computer stops firkin’ about – Bloody Windows 8).

EDIT: Got it! (bloody Windows 8).


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