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A Fool and His Medals


Felt like a serious Sunday brunch was required, and a random post in a newspaper…..

…. sparked off a sudden desire for shakshuka/huevos rancheros, which when at home is known as “eggs with spicy tomato stuff”, a recipe I’ve explored previously on a number of occasions, only this time with beans involved.  I understand that traditional Middle-Eastern preference is for fava beans (the humble broad bean to us Brits), but I compromised with what’s actually in the cupboard, and chucked in a can of cannellini beans instead.  Whilst you’re waiting for yours to cook, check out this Wikipedia entry on Fuls Medames, a common Middle-Eastern breakfast.  Now let’s be honest, does this not look way cooler and more nourishing than a bowl of Frosties….?


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DeNile Redact


Right.  First week of January (“The Worst Week of the Year”(TM)), is now over, so it’s time to get back to the gym to start fixing the ankle I busted  in November*, and cut right down on the lattes, alcohol, cheeses and delicious delicious oils (Chilli! Olive! Sesame! Mustard!) that make the Anxious life so enjoyable.  The recipe below has helped soften the blow, by being warm and tasty and filling and spicy whilst impeccably healthy and protein-heavy.  Enjoy!


*I fell over.  Sober.  So it’s not even a good drinking anecdote……

Original from here.  I used cubed tofu instead of pork, but Quorn have started doing “pork steaks” if anyone wants to edge a bit closer to “real” pig.

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One hour back


A wet, grey, humid day spent mostly on buses back and forth across Tangleton; vegetables from Tesco, and two new pairs of jeans from the giant Asda store, as my summer ones, cropped to mid-calf, are being rapidly superseded by the season.  Tonight the clocks go back, and we gain an hour’s extra sleep; poor reward for the months of darkness that will follow.

But autumn isn’t all doom and gloom.  “Strictly Come Dancing” is upon us, as is Halloween with its cheap plastic thrills and pretend horror.  I and my sister have carefully procured the tackiest corpse bride puppets, fake pumpkins and plastic skeletal hands that Poundland can provide, to decorate Mum’s grave up at the Tangleton Crematorium*

Another benefit of the season is the vegetables; potatoes, swedes, parsnips, leeks, savoy cabbages, sweetheart cabbages and other tough leaves of the soil, that can be roasted, stir fried or stewed into delicious green submission.  Today I picked up a bag of kale for a very moreish, pleasantly spicy black-eyed bean stew (the leftover leaves go to my nephew’s guinea pigs, the little furry eating machines that they are).

Original recipe to be found here.  I’d not heard of Anna Jones before, and nicely-spoken young ladies releasing nicely-spoken recipe books full of nicely-spoken organic, free-range, quinoa-esque recipes, are kind of ten a penny these days.  However, this is a bit of a winner of a stew……


*This was her dying wish. No, seriously.  She wanted her (otherwise tasteful and understated) grave decorated at Halloween and Xmas. The tackier and more tasteless the better.

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Had a nostalgic moment for my time spent a few years ago in New Zealand, and whilst I was at work put on my headphones and tuned into, a Wellington radio station.   Admittedly it was probably about 2am in the morning out there, but it was even more eclectic/baffling than I remember.  There was a DJ but they only spoke at the start and end of the show.  No adverts.  Not even so much as a traffic report.  And they played two pieces of electronic ambience that John Foxx would have been proud of, a couple of songs by people still pining for Prince’s glory days in the 1980s, some home-grown Kiwi indie-rock (you could almost taste the wetas), a piece of shouty goth from the soundtrack to The Crow, a dub version of New Order’s “Blue Monday”*, and then three minutes of gunfire and sampled American voices going “Gee, where did you git that gunnnn….”over Bryan Adam’s “Everything I do, I Do It For You” (I swear I am not making this up).

I wandered off for five minutes to talk to a colleague and by the time I came back they were half-way through Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, fireworks, cannons and all (not making that up either).

One can only admire what is a steely refusal to consider such trifles as music genre, market demographics or coherent content programming.  Capital FM, eat your heart out.

Today’s recipe comes courtesy of AnxiousSister, who is trying to lose weight with the dieting empire Slenderisers’s World.  Seems quite a sensible eating programme; you can have proper food, albeit with minimal sugar and fat, rather than trying to live off Daft Bloody Milkshakes(TM).  And she has this rather moreish recipe for healthy onion bhajis, for those who crave a spicy hit of Indian food without the oil….

*quite good actually.

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Spicy Chickpea, Harissa and Aubergine Stew


Along with the bananas I have a fridge full of slightly wrinkled vegetables that really should have been eaten a week ago.  Rescued an aubergine, beat it unconscious on the kitchen counter-top, sliced and liberally salted it, then left the twitching remains in a colander for 40 minutes.

(I’ve heard that modern aubergines are bred to remove the “bitter” taste these days, with salting no longer necessary, but whenever I’ve omitted this step I’ve ended up eating lovingly-cooked spicy car tyre so I faithfully maintain The Old Ways).

Original from a recipe at the Daily Fail, which I’m not going to link to because it’s the Fail.  Feel free to go look for it on the website, if you can stand an entire sidebar of Semi Famous Women who are being accused of “flaunting their curves” when they’ve had the temerity to pop out for a pint of milk.


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Youuu Saaagggggg…!!!


Had a craving for spinach.  Bought a bag of spinach.  Made a lentil and spinach curry with yogurt (okay enough, but not really worth inclusion in the blog).  Then made chana saag and aloo saag (chickpea & spinach, and potato & spinach), which were worth inclusion.  Plus I have a few green leaves left for my sister’s guinea pigs.  Leafy, iron-rich result all round I feel.

Recipes from and from, which is a frankly lovely and quite hilarious blog.  Go visit.  Go on, shoo.

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E=Spicy MBubbleC & 2Squeak


As mentioned in the last post, you should have a certain amount of spicy potato mash left over from the stuffed peppers recipe.  By an amazing cosmic coincidence I had some sprouts, 1/3 of a sweetheart cabbage, and a few slices of vegetarian bacon lying around as well.  Onion and garlic are a given in this household, like the kitchen sink, an eclectic music collection, and the large number of 1950s classic sci-fi novels from the Tangleton British Heart Foundation charity shop lying around….*



*’Waterstones’ For The Skint, And The Collectors of the Obscure.

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