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DeNile Redact


Right.  First week of January (“The Worst Week of the Year”(TM)), is now over, so it’s time to get back to the gym to start fixing the ankle I busted  in November*, and cut right down on the lattes, alcohol, cheeses and delicious delicious oils (Chilli! Olive! Sesame! Mustard!) that make the Anxious life so enjoyable.  The recipe below has helped soften the blow, by being warm and tasty and filling and spicy whilst impeccably healthy and protein-heavy.  Enjoy!


*I fell over.  Sober.  So it’s not even a good drinking anecdote……

Original from here.  I used cubed tofu instead of pork, but Quorn have started doing “pork steaks” if anyone wants to edge a bit closer to “real” pig.

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Spicy Chickpea, Harissa and Aubergine Stew


Along with the bananas I have a fridge full of slightly wrinkled vegetables that really should have been eaten a week ago.  Rescued an aubergine, beat it unconscious on the kitchen counter-top, sliced and liberally salted it, then left the twitching remains in a colander for 40 minutes.

(I’ve heard that modern aubergines are bred to remove the “bitter” taste these days, with salting no longer necessary, but whenever I’ve omitted this step I’ve ended up eating lovingly-cooked spicy car tyre so I faithfully maintain The Old Ways).

Original from a recipe at the Daily Fail, which I’m not going to link to because it’s the Fail.  Feel free to go look for it on the website, if you can stand an entire sidebar of Semi Famous Women who are being accused of “flaunting their curves” when they’ve had the temerity to pop out for a pint of milk.


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Vegetable Stew with Cheesy Herby Dumplings


Officially work starts at 8.30am, but in some kind of group telepathic reaction to the grey skies and perma-twilight most people rolled in late today, looking like the fight between Being a Responsible Working Adult and Waaarrrmmm Duvet had been a very close-run thing. Got home with a serious craving for vegetable stew with dumplings.  Ten minutes on google search pulled up this economical, flexible and rib-sticking little gem.  Now you must excuse me whilst I go back to the pot and ladle out a second helping…. *belches*

Original here:


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Winter Vegetable & Cider Stew


Six days to payday, several late nights due to overtime at work to factor in, and I’m considering the contents of my pantry with a “well I could make a vegetable bake but that would leave no bread for breakfast and I could re-make that swede risotto from the other day but that would mean most of my protein comes only from nuts and cheese for the rest of the week as I’m using that cheap Tesco’s nut-roast as a basis for my Tupperware lunches for the next three days but I’ve opened that pack of feta cheese so I should find a way to use that up before it starts tapping on the inside of the fridge and singing Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” in tinny-yet-crumbly voice also I have that stew pack of winter root veg that I need to do something with as well……..”

Welcome to First World Problems!  And The Inside of My Head.  Aren’t you glad you’re just visiting?

Google, and a dusty can of Strongbow cider from the back of the drinks cabinet, To The Rescue.  For those not keen on cider, the original recipe just uses chopped apple.–barley-and-lentil-casserole.aspx?o_ln=SimRecipes_Link_4&o_is=SimilarRecipes


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Vegetable & Borlotti Bean Stew


Weather still rainy, grey and miserable. Bits of the country underwater/cut-off for the third week running (Hi Somerset!). And the electricity bill and rent on AnxiousFlat has just gone up (although not by as much as it could have on the rent, due to my negotiating skills, hard-won knowledge of the UK renting market, plus a hint of “you must be bloody joking, right? Do I look stupid?”).

Time for a comforting and economical vegetable and bean stew, methinks!


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Lost in a Forest…


Returned to the campsite described in with a few additional friends, more wine, and (sod the firelighters) bags of amazing ready-burn charcoal, just add matches and stand back*. We battled rain, hail, thunder and madly-flailing low-flying pheasants (and that was just the first couple of hours). In return, New Rivendell delivered in full on its promise of campfire BBQs, impossibly-clear starry nights, and the opportunity to perfect your peeing-in-the-woods-at-2am technique.

Back to reality with a massive THWACK!! on Monday morning. My mother has recurring health issues, (which may or may not suggest a secondary cancer is now in situ). We await the results of her meeting with the consultant on Tuesday afternoon. My company is making redundancies, and whilst I think I’m reasonably safe, my manager, who has sweated blood, sweat, tears, bad coffee and fluorescent marker-pen to make this team a success that is recognised and name-checked at the highest levels of the company, is now also in the pool for potential redundancies (there’s gratitude for you). And no, I don’t want her job – do I look feckin’ stupid?

Whilst you ponder that question, I bring you a combination of BBQ leftovers and a Jack Monroe recipe (original at ).


*wood fires are still more fffuuunnnn though.

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Queens of the Spice Age


To the tune of Queens of the Stone Age’s “Feelgood hit of the summer”

Tarragon, mild chilli, fenugreek, asafoedtida, cinnamon and lemongrass, oohhhh
Tarragon, mild chilli, fenugreek, asafoedtida, cinnamon and lemongrass, oohhhh
Tarragon, mild chilli, fenugreek, asafoedtida, cinnamon and lemongrass, oohhhh
Tarragon, mild chilli, fenugreek, asafoedtida, cinnamon and lemongrass, oohhhh

C-c-c-c-cloves! c-c-c-c-cloves! c-c-c-c-cloves!

Been updating the Spice rack – see!


Fenugreek is rather lovely, with notes of burnt vanilla. Asafoedtida however has a real “WHOOAAHH!” *reels back from the jar* kick to it. I understand when cooked it loses the scent and becomes quite smooth – will find a recipe, don my gas-mask, and check this out for you.

In the meantime, have had a go at this Ethiopian-style stew. Original recipe courtesy of