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Spiced Potato-Stuffed Peppers


By some frightening piece of Farming Alchemy (Falchemy?), bags of peppers, £1 for a pack of 6, are available at Sainsbury’s.  It’s late November but here they are, fluorescent yellow orange with delicately-applied blushes of green.

Add in two tins of ready-boiled new potatoes for 20p each, and onion and some spices and you have the makings of a cheap, generous and filling dinner.  Several cheap, generous and filling dinners in fact.  Spinach not essential but added as I had some left over from another recipe, and bagged spinach has a lifespan of approximately 8.3 minutes, after you’ve been daft enough to actually open the bag, rather than just admire the leaves through the plastic.

Please note that the amount of potato given in my version of the recipe will likely leave you with a decent margin of spiced potato left over.  Hang on to it, there’s an epic bubble & squeak recipe coming up…….

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Put on your red shoes, and dance the tofu’s


Had some spare time, wot wiv being on holiday and all that, so had a go at the following recipes; stuffed courgette and mushrooms, and tofu/red lentil curry…



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Get stuffed! (again)


….now lunch is in the bag, I need something pre-cooked for dinner, particularly as I intend to hit the gym Monday evening and it’ll be nigh on 8pm before I get home. Stuffed peppers? Don’t mind if I do!


Spicy-potato stuffed peppers