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Pad Tangle


Monday Night Blues left me with a desire to drink a vast amount of vodka. I managed to turn right at the Alcohol Aisle though and spent the money instead on the ingredients of an over-complicated Pad Thai (complete with egg “netting”*) that was edible enough but didn’t really hit the spot. Bit of a Tofu-Dog’s Dinner as you can see:



The supermarket didn’t have any tamarind sauce, so I went with a “Tamarind & Date Chutney” as the emergency alternative, which turned out in itself to be a Thing of Great Beauty & Wonder. I’m already having tentative thoughts involving the rice-flour pancakes from the other week….


The Pad Thai did leave me with some lime juice and shallots going begging though, and I still need lunch sorting, so I had a go at, together with some pitta breads and salad.


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Black Bean Thursday


Apologies for not commenting for a few days – work became CHAOS AND MAD STUFF so I’m somewhat knackered. Can I also give a very British “ALRIGHT MATE!!” to the people who have kindly popped up and ‘liked’ my posts.  Welcome aboard – hope you’ve brought a brolly, the weather’s a little changeable here!

On the plus side, lack of time/energy means I’ve been working on perfecting the ‘Mack the Knife’ recipe, because it’s a very quick option for when I stagger in through the front door of an evening; just grill for a few minutes each side until browned, plus bread/salad/baked potato/marinated slow-grilled hedgehog* or other side order of your choice.  Healthy dinner with minimum feckering-about.  This evening reached a peak of scientific experimentation with the following fillet combinations on the grill simultaneously; quorn chicken** fillet layered with tahini then soft cheese and breadcrumbs/oat mixture, fillet layered with tomato puree and harissa paste mix then soft cheese etc, and fillet layered with sundried tomato paste then soft cheese etc…..

The verdict so far is that tahini mixed with a little lemon juice and black pepper could be The Way Forward for this version.  The tomato puree/harissa paste needed more tomato and less harissa (admittedly, given how powerful harissa is, you might have to go down to the sub-atomic level for the appropriate harissa balance). The sun-dried tomato paste version works well As Is and I will certainly not be considering replacing the chicken with finely sliced mozzarella cheese AT ALL……*gibbers*

*the British version of the porcupine. Shy, retiring, likes snails, slugs, dark safe places to hibernate through the winter, and a nice cup of tea.

**quorn (mycoprotein fillets, but insert soy-protein or tofu or other fillets as availability and and personal preference allows).

Refried beans with sundried-tomato paste


I love garlic. I blame my French ancestry. Rescued a couple of home grown garlic cloves from the shed as we’d run out in the kitchen.  Decided against the futile task of cleaning the black dirt off the bulbs, and simply popped the creamy-coloured cloves out and straight into the fridge, reserving the flaky white tissue left over for the compost heap.  I kept two cloves back for a twist on the refried beans and tortillas I’ve been doing a lot of lately, dragging the beans, protesting all the way, from Mexico/Spanish America over to the Mediterranean.