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Peasant-Hunting Season


Sorry about the quiet period – been very busy at work and not had chance to try out any new recipes. But I managed to squeeze a new one in today, just for you! Consider it a late Valentine’s gift, with extra cabbage, if you will.

Ahh, sundried tomatoes in olive oil, how I adore you. Got a jar for Xmas and finally caved in and opened it. I always swear I’ll save the tomato-infused oil and use it on something special; what actually happens is that I end up pouring it into a bowl, scooping it up with bread and salt and scarfing it down in a very unladylike oil-dribbling-down-your-chin kind of way. And they were perfect for the below recipe, as a strong-tasting, oily, chewy vegetarian substitute for anchovies….

(excitingly-blurry photo of said dish will be up when my new computer stops firkin’ about – Bloody Windows 8).

EDIT: Got it! (bloody Windows 8).


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