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Sweet Potato & Sultana Scones


So with the other half of the Infinite Sweet Potato, you can knock up these savoury/sweetish scones, that I think might just do better with cheese than they would with jam (you may disagree).  Either way, easy to knock-up last minute and put in a Tupperware box labelled “Spooky Sweet Potato Scones!” for the Halloween festivities…..

Original from here…..


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Sweet Potato, Fake Bacon and Leek Risotto


Took a hint from the biryani rice recipe of the other day, and gave up on risottos where you stand and stir, add more stock, stand and stir, add more stock….not when there’s an Angry Birds Halloween tournament to attend to, no sirree!  Sling it all in a roasting tin, pour over the stock and seal with foil.  Bung in the oven, and Bob’s your uncle (or at least the singer from the Cure).  Adapted the below pumpkin and bacon risotto for this sweet potato and Quorn bacon-type fing.  Served with a sprinkling of parmesan and the sweet, sweet taste of victory over those pesky Angry Birds zombie pigs……


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Mushrooms & Bones


Busy day.

Stayed over at my sister’s last night, finally caught up with the season opener of Sherlock, Season 3…./BLOGPOST REDACTED FOR OVER-OBSESSIVE FAN-GIRLING ABOUT BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH’S CHEEKBONES/.

(okay, okay, you didn’t need to shout! Though they are quite fabulous you must adm/REDACTED SO AS NOT TO BORE READERS FURTHER/).

Eventually left this morning after tea and toast with peanut butter, got back to Anxiousflat at 1230ish (via Boots and Sainsbury’s). Beeswaxed my new coffee table. Took down the Xmas decorations. Found my pinking-shears and some spare bits of fabric for a quilt my sister is making (scraps of black and dove-grey silk from Singapore, and the remains of a glorious metallic blue-and-purple curtain, vintage probably 1970s judging by the sheer disrespect it shows for subtlety, taste and decency).

Put on some laundry. Put away the dishes. Grated carrot and courgette and mixed gram flour with spices for a few days’ worth of spiced breakfast pancake ( Experimented with a puy lentil and tahini dip, the results going into a couple of lunch boxes with brown bread, salad and soft cheese (will report back when recipe perfected. Orange juice may need to be involved somewhere). Trekked back across town in the rain for Sunday dinner with my father and sister (they ate pork, I ate an Edamame, mint and lemon bake – you’ll have to ask Asda’s frozen foods section for the recipe).

Finally got back to my flat and decided I have enough time to sort out dinner for tomorrow as well. One of my Christmas gifts was a little pot of dried mushrooms (porcini, oyster and shiitake), so I took a punt at a version of this:


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Live at Red Onion Rocks


Picked up a couple of recipes from Deena Kakaya’s website, and as they both require red onion (and I only have one in the fridge), I thought I’d have a go at both simultaneously. One, a fenugreek-heavy tofu curry, the other a chickpea-flour pancake, staggering under the even heavier weight of sweetpotato and courgette. Enjoy.



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Vegetable Tagine


By the love of All That Is Unholy, the kitchen is a feckin’mess. I’m behind on the housework; off camping last weekend and then this week was taken up with Not-Fun family stuff. I’ve now tried to make two dishes simultaneously and there’s vegetable peelings and saucepans everywhere. However out of the chaos I’ve conjured the tasty koftas mentioned before, and now also a lovely tagine. All Mediterranean colours, spices and banked heat, in a fine contrast to a damp grey Sunday afternoon where the wind is whipping the leaves on the trees from green to silver to green again.

This one is a version of another recipe.


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Sweet potato, carrot and blackbean koftas


Tripped over a roasted butternut & black-bean kofta recipe on As I soaked and boiled a barrelful of black beans to make the chilli in the last recipe, I thought I’d set aside a couple of handfuls for this. With pitta bread, salad and low-fat mayo they’ll make an excellent packed lunch for the next couple of days. Assuming I don’t snaffle them all once they’re out of the oven….


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A little bit more


So the menu for the week is sorted; the left-over broadbean hummus will go into Tupperware boxes along with some more chickpea flatbread, a bit of tomato and some sweet-potato falafels (more of those below). When that runs out, it’s back to spiced lentils in pitta breads (cheap pitta breads safely stored in the freezer). I’ve got a vegetable and kidney bean stew in the oven; that’s tonight’s dinner, and the rest goes to the freezer as well. The left-over mix of stock and coconut milk will make a day-or-so’s worth of thai-style noodles (sorting out the tofu and any random bits of veg), then again default either to the frozen stew, or baked beans on toast. For breakfast there’s bread, eggs and marmite. The aim is not to purchase any more food now, between here and the next official food-shop on Friday.

No matter how many pretty, pretty recipes I find on the internet (*howls*).

I’ve also splashed out on a bottle of wine, one of the fine vintages available in the sub-£4.00 per bottle range. This particular bottle of Chateau Chunder has hints of pear, lemon, the sun-soaked Californian landscape, and apple-based toilet bleach. An excellent accompaniment to pretty much anything, as the damage to your taste-buds will make even Linda McCartney sausages taste great.


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