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“but you’re always there,
like a ghost in my dreams…”

Don’t have the time right now or the emotional focus to write the post that deserves to go with the title, so I’ll leave you with this stir-fried vegetable, soft cheese and pancake burrito instead, from It’s a little oil and carbohydrate-heavy so not perhaps not ideal for the waistline-conscious, but if you’re looking for tasty, cheap, quick and seriously rib-sticking then you could do far worse…..


Pancakes and vegetables mid-cook.


Finished burritos packed for lunch tomorrow.

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Book of Cold Life


Had a go at the Not-Beef-Stew recipe by Somer, which was rather fab, to the point that I’ve had to freeze the remainder of it so I don’t keep nicking bits from the tupperware container in the fridge. Additionally, one of my work-colleagues has very kindly given me some old vegetarian cookbooks, as he was having a bit of a clear-out.


These are of 1970s/1980s vintage and are therefore somewhat worthy, and a bit hilarious from the modern point of view, terribly spoilt as we are by the incredible range of foods and cultural influences available in 2013 Britain. Look, The Brown Rice Cookbook!!


(Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for wholegrains, but seriously, an entire cookbook devoted to brown rice…!)

Plus photography so 1970s that you can practically taste the flared trousers and wife-swapping parties….


I think “Cooking without Meat” (publ. 1973! I wasn’t even born in 1973!) is likely to be the more useful of the two; it does a lot of stocks and sauces and side dishes and bits and pieces that could be easily adapted or added to the dishes I do now. Watch this space! “Vegetarian Dinner Parties” (1983) is an interesting Cold War museum piece, but most of the dishes are already vegetarian standards, if not cliches, so I’m keeping it just for amusement value. It’s divided up by chapters on the various vegetarian world cuisines, and I have a nasty feeling that most of the “Eastern European” section concerns countries that unfortunately no longer exist…..!

All this literary criticism has left me little time to do much cooking of my own, so here’s a cheap and easy cliche of my own, especially when the local supermarket is doing two large tins of the main ingredient for a quid….sweetcorn fritters.


Sweetcorn Fritters

Hot Salad


Wednesday was spent at a funeral, which went about as well as these things can go.  (What can you say to someone that’s going to a funeral? I mean you can say “have a great holiday!” or “Merry Christmas!” or “Have a lovely wedding!” but for funerals it’s a bit “well, I hope they don’t get the deceased’s name wrong….”).

Went to the wake to support the departed’s daughter who is a close friend of mine, which was a typically-British restrained “ham sandwich and a cup of tea” type of affair.  After the relatives departed some friends hung around for a while longer, played with her kids and caught up on the gossip.  Neither she nor her husband were in any fit state to cook, so a phone-call to the local curry-takeaway was in order; a comforting pile of rice, hot naan breads, poppadums and richly-coloured curries, dribbling fragrant red grease and orange oils over the wrapping papers and the plates.  Mmmm, vegetable balti* and a cheese naan…….*belches*

My team at work had planned an informal early Xmas lunch at the local pub the next day, which would have given me the chance to balance this out with a baked potato and salad, or something of that ilk.  Instead this was cancelled as some Very Important People were visiting, and as such lunch was brought-in pizza.

And the antidote….