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Mung Bean Hummus


Mung beans are bit of a vegetarian cliché, along with hemp sandals and people knitting their own muesli. As such I’ve always kind of avoided them. When my cupboard already contains chickpeas, red lentils, green lentils, puy lentils, haricot beans, cannellini beans, butter beans, black beans, black-eye beans, borlotti beans, kidney beans and an undoubtedly very annoyed partridge in a pear-tree, mung beans have seemed an unnecessary addition. Plus, they don’t seem to be available canned which means the extra work and energy cost of soaking and boiling. But the below recipe convinced me to give it a go….


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Lunch with Tiffany


I’ve found that including pulses or beans of some kind in my lunchbox for work is an effective way of staving off hunger pains and keeping my blood sugar steady until I get home. After spending last week rocking an incredibly garlicky humous (which I got away with as everyone at work has snuffly colds), I thought I’d give this butterbean pate from a try.

I struggle a little with butterbeans – whatever you do to them they seem to retain a smooth blandness, but in this case the addition of nut oil seems to give them a little extra edge. Wouldn’t mind redoing this recipe again, maybe with a little tahini, and perhaps a little lime or lemon juice….?


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Butterflies and meals


One of my earliest posts, “butterflies and wheels” was about the suicide of a friend. Not all of us could make the funeral, and it seemed appropriate either way for those of us who knew her to meet up and have a drink in her honour. So eight adults and three small children decamped to London’s Camden, and the beer garden at Quinn’s pub for a drink or three. This was actually a surprisingly cheery affair, given the catalyst (small children are always a good source of surreal amusement), and for once the British weather obliged us with a sunny, calm day. Maybe a butterfly had a word with Mother Nature on our behalf……

Camden and Mezze

Dr Beetroot


Dad passed me a couple of home-grown beetroots for ‘experimentation’ purposes.  The purchase of some walnuts, a Saturday night, and the presence of some vodka, made this a hot contender for the Saturday Night Hummus Party with my sister.  Recipe was originally from UK chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and roughly follows these lines…..

Beetroot & Walnut Hummus



Followed a link posted on to, and was introduced to a rather fabulous African-style peanut and vegetable stew recipe packed with spices and sweet potato.  The first attempt of this recipe at Chez Anxious worked well, so did another batch today, but this time around I dialed down the sweetness a little; as a hideous generalisation, Americans seem to use sugar in savoury dishes more than us Brits do, and a stew built around sweet potato, carrot and cinnamon, is already pretty toothsome to my palate.  Cut out the sugar, and reduced the peanut butter to one-third butter against two-thirds tahini paste loosened with hot vegetable stock.  The result was rather delicious, and I might possibly have decanted some of the sauce whilst it was bubbling away and poured it over some white rice for an impromptu late lunch.  I do think I should investigate African cookery a bit more.  The Cradle of Humankind is a massive, colourful, vibrant place, crammed with every kind of life and landscape.  There ought to be at least a couple of half-decent recipes knocking around there.

Black Bean Thursday


Apologies for not commenting for a few days – work became CHAOS AND MAD STUFF so I’m somewhat knackered. Can I also give a very British “ALRIGHT MATE!!” to the people who have kindly popped up and ‘liked’ my posts.  Welcome aboard – hope you’ve brought a brolly, the weather’s a little changeable here!

On the plus side, lack of time/energy means I’ve been working on perfecting the ‘Mack the Knife’ recipe, because it’s a very quick option for when I stagger in through the front door of an evening; just grill for a few minutes each side until browned, plus bread/salad/baked potato/marinated slow-grilled hedgehog* or other side order of your choice.  Healthy dinner with minimum feckering-about.  This evening reached a peak of scientific experimentation with the following fillet combinations on the grill simultaneously; quorn chicken** fillet layered with tahini then soft cheese and breadcrumbs/oat mixture, fillet layered with tomato puree and harissa paste mix then soft cheese etc, and fillet layered with sundried tomato paste then soft cheese etc…..

The verdict so far is that tahini mixed with a little lemon juice and black pepper could be The Way Forward for this version.  The tomato puree/harissa paste needed more tomato and less harissa (admittedly, given how powerful harissa is, you might have to go down to the sub-atomic level for the appropriate harissa balance). The sun-dried tomato paste version works well As Is and I will certainly not be considering replacing the chicken with finely sliced mozzarella cheese AT ALL……*gibbers*

*the British version of the porcupine. Shy, retiring, likes snails, slugs, dark safe places to hibernate through the winter, and a nice cup of tea.

**quorn (mycoprotein fillets, but insert soy-protein or tofu or other fillets as availability and and personal preference allows).