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DeNile Redact


Right.  First week of January (“The Worst Week of the Year”(TM)), is now over, so it’s time to get back to the gym to start fixing the ankle I busted  in November*, and cut right down on the lattes, alcohol, cheeses and delicious delicious oils (Chilli! Olive! Sesame! Mustard!) that make the Anxious life so enjoyable.  The recipe below has helped soften the blow, by being warm and tasty and filling and spicy whilst impeccably healthy and protein-heavy.  Enjoy!


*I fell over.  Sober.  So it’s not even a good drinking anecdote……

Original from here.  I used cubed tofu instead of pork, but Quorn have started doing “pork steaks” if anyone wants to edge a bit closer to “real” pig.

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Lemon (and Tofu) Song


“Hen nights and weddings and M&M Stores,

Sickness and London and camping outdoors,

Working and housework and emptying bins,

These are a few of my favourite things…….”

Sorry, as you can see, been a bit busy.  But I’m dropping by with a little something for the vegetarian lunchbox, crunchy chilli tofu wraps.   Wasn’t overly impressed with the tofu when I made it, sampled straight from the pan, but in corn tortilla wraps with low fat mayo, a hint of grated cheddar and some chopped cherry tomatoes it was actually rather tasty.  Feel free to also try with traditional Mexican wrap fillings such as guacamole and salsa.

Original from here:


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“I’m Willliam the Conqueror, my enemies stood no chance…..”


I remember an episode from the British sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf, where a female character purringly offers a male character one of the greatest post-coital back-handed compliments I’ve ever heard….

“…you make love….like a Japanese meal.

Small portions. 

But so many courses….”.

In this spirit, tonight’s blog consists of various Japanese-influenced yet unavoidably Anglicised dishes, given that even laying hands on some miso paste required a Viking-style ransack of half of Tangleton town centre.  Japanese egg-plants, mirin, kombu, shaoxing wine, thai basil, woodear mushrooms and other such delicacies – no chance.

However, I kid myself that I rose to the occasion with what I could scrounge, hope you enjoy these as much as I have.

(Please note that I was indeed cooking small portions of each dish, so scale up if you’re looking to make any particular one into a full meal).

First up, the soup course.  Original from here…..


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Sunday afternoon cookathon ahoy!

First up, lunch for work. Unearthed this delicious kidney-bean dip, which I can see becoming an instant lunch-time classic.  Slung it into a couple of Tupperware containers with soft cheese, tomato, spring onion, carrot sticks, naan bread, and some left-over yellow pepper chunks from my other recipe, a rather pleasant Japanese-influenced tofu and vegetable curry.

Originals are here….


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Ich Will


Oh, it’s raining again.  Oh well, in these situations one can only kick back, turn up the volume on a Kerrang! heavy-metal compilation on the iTunes (hi Rammstein!), and look to yet another comforting soup.

One of the Seven Wonders of Tangleton is the small Cash & Carry/Off-Licence shop hidden behind the White Lion Hotel at the top of the town centre.  Every possible type of flour, spice, herb and lentil that an Anxious can stagger home carrying.  Today’s haul included a huge bottle of soy sauce, coconut cream, two tins chickpeas, zaatar, somaq and chives, for a princely £8.  Unfortunately this frugality was somewhat blown by having to buy miso from the Marks & Sparks Foodhall, as no other bugger in Tangleton appears to stock the stuff.  And even then it is a miso and ginger “recipe” paste, rather than miso paste / firstworldproblems.

Still, mustn’t grumble.  The ginger ended up as quite a nice note in the below soup recipe…..

Original recipe from here:



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Spring Clean


…well that’s the spring clean of the flat 95% done – just need to scrub the hob and clean the fridge, then no housework for another 12 months LOL.

Took a break for a nourishing noodle soup – original can be found here


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Basil & Coriander Tofu Pancakes


A light lunch, and a break from the traditional Xmas diet at this time of chocolate, more chocolate, roast potatoes, sprouts, extra sprouts, more sprouts just-in-case and rich fruit puddings with custard.

And it’s about time that the happily re-potted Steve (my basil plant), earned his living again.

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