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Lunch with Tiffany


I’ve found that including pulses or beans of some kind in my lunchbox for work is an effective way of staving off hunger pains and keeping my blood sugar steady until I get home. After spending last week rocking an incredibly garlicky humous (which I got away with as everyone at work has snuffly colds), I thought I’d give this butterbean pate from a try.

I struggle a little with butterbeans – whatever you do to them they seem to retain a smooth blandness, but in this case the addition of nut oil seems to give them a little extra edge. Wouldn’t mind redoing this recipe again, maybe with a little tahini, and perhaps a little lime or lemon juice….?


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saucy wenches


Dropping round my sister’s last night to watch the season finale of Two Broke Girls + the new season of Strictly Come Dancing (only the finest cultural experiences for us!), I found out she’d laid her hands on some cheap steak, and had knocked together a bernaise sauce to go with it plus some oven chips.  I’d only had a bit of toast for dinner so prevailed upon her to do me some chips for one of the jewels in the British culinary crown – the chip butty.  To which, instead of mayo, ketchup or brown sauce, I added some of the bernaise sauce.  I’m not sure if this means I’m leaving the working class and joining the middle class, or leaving the middle class and joining the working class, but either way it soaked up some vodka and made up for the shocking lack of hummus.  I recommend….. 😉