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*Sigh* – healthy living.  Giving the treadmill installed in the Smoking Room a bit of a bashing, as have given up on it stopping raining long enough to instigate regular walks in the Great Outdoors. (Admittedly in the Smoking Room the ingrained smell of fag-smoke rubs off some of the patina of healthiness, but I should be alright as long as I don’t lick the walls.  Remember Anxious, don’t.lick.the.walls).

Am making up for the incremental additions of cigarette tar to my life by trying to eat healthily yet well.  Not too bad so far.  The Ideal Anxious Breakfast would consist of fruit-cake and full-fat cappuchino.  Then another cappuchino. And then something fried.Obviously as a grown adult I have to pretend to have some control over my baser urges, so the Compromise Breakfast is a cinnamon and raisin bagel, no butter, with a skinny or soy latte.  If anyone wishes to get work, movement or coherence out of me before midday this is as far as I’m prepared to go. Lunch is another matter.  Awake and caffeinated I can face proper food; today’s was home-made egg-fried vegetable rice, with a dash of hot sauce.  Dinner was the piece de resistance – I’d organised myself last weekend to do a batch of cooking and freezing, so dinner was a pepper stuffed with soya mince, cheese and quinoa, a handful of brown and white rice, and some spiced squash and sweet potato chunks.  Healthy, colourful, vegetable-heavy, and on the plate in 15 minutes after defrosting and re-heating in the microwave.

Spiced Squash