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Cheese, Aubergine & Tomato Bake


This is a little more complicated than normal, but very, very moreish….

Original version here:



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Winter Vegetable & Cider Stew


Six days to payday, several late nights due to overtime at work to factor in, and I’m considering the contents of my pantry with a “well I could make a vegetable bake but that would leave no bread for breakfast and I could re-make that swede risotto from the other day but that would mean most of my protein comes only from nuts and cheese for the rest of the week as I’m using that cheap Tesco’s nut-roast as a basis for my Tupperware lunches for the next three days but I’ve opened that pack of feta cheese so I should find a way to use that up before it starts tapping on the inside of the fridge and singing Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” in tinny-yet-crumbly voice also I have that stew pack of winter root veg that I need to do something with as well……..”

Welcome to First World Problems!  And The Inside of My Head.  Aren’t you glad you’re just visiting?

Google, and a dusty can of Strongbow cider from the back of the drinks cabinet, To The Rescue.  For those not keen on cider, the original recipe just uses chopped apple.



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Smoky Quorn Turkey & Bacon Leftovers Stew


Dear Gawd, but we did stuff ourselves with food yesterday evening.  The usual family Sunday dinner was amped up a bit in honour of Easter, and there was turkey, roast potatoes, sausages wrapped in bacon, stuffing, gravy, veggies and other such good things, with vegetarian turkey roll, bacon, sausages etc for me.  My vegetarian status didn’t protect me however from a half-penny sized burn on the wrist via a lump of hot pig fat that made a last ditch OINK! for freedom.  And then 10 minutes gazing blankly out of the window with my arm under the cold tap.

I went home with a big foil pack of vegetarian “meats” as leftovers, and combined with a handful of vegetables in desperate need of using up before they also make a last ditch OINK! for freedom, came up with this casserole……



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Brick Red


Confined to Barracks at least means I can take a few minutes to do some minor chores, which includes checking out the freezer compartment of the fridge and seeing if there’s anything that needs dumping/using up.  I found a couple of packets of pre-soaked and boiled black beans and decided to have a go at this potato, black bean and paprika stew….

Original here: http://outoftheordinaryfood.com/2013/05/17/soba-noodles-with-potatoes-black-beans-and-spinach-in-red-pepper-sauce/



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Butter Up


Recommendation: watch The Heat, an odd-couple buddy movie with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McConnell. Seriously. It’s ruddy hilarious and you will never see Tic Tacs in the same way again…..

Nuts, nut butter and nut oils are generally high calorie, but as a vegetarian I don’t feel too bad about (moderate) consumption of them, due to all that proteiny goodness, and the fact that a little can go quite a long way. So when Nigel Slater popped this recipe onto the Observer website I rushed out to buy one of those pre-packed Stew Packs of root vegetables that appear magically in supermarkets this time of year.



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Vegetable & Borlotti Bean Stew


Weather still rainy, grey and miserable. Bits of the country underwater/cut-off for the third week running (Hi Somerset!). And the electricity bill and rent on AnxiousFlat has just gone up (although not by as much as it could have on the rent, due to my negotiating skills, hard-won knowledge of the UK renting market, plus a hint of “you must be bloody joking, right? Do I look stupid?”).

Time for a comforting and economical vegetable and bean stew, methinks!


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Bring Up the Solanaceae


Say hi to the Red Hot Cayenne Chilli Peppers! Sans socks!* One brave plant produced all five of these, but at this time of year they won’t ripen due to lack of sunlight, so I picked them rather than let the plant waste further energy on them. I’m not sure how long cayenne plants live, but as they’ve made it this far would be nice to give them a chance at fruiting when there’s some proper sun going. Heard from a casual Pilipino acquaintance that they use the leaves a lot there, as well as the fruit – might have to google recipes. It hadn’t occurred to me before to try these, but then I’m cautious about experimenting with unknown bits of plants of the Nightshade family…


*Possibly NSFW

In between plant-wrestling I’ve knocked up a white bean bake. Enjoy.

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