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Carrot & Spinach Dhal


Okay, I admit that this isn’t the prettiest dish you’ll ever throw into a bowl, but, it’s as comforting and warming as a bowl of porridge with treacle (treacle!), only with the vitamins and iron of carrot & spinach, and the protein of that faithful old standby, red lentils.   The left overs are even better the next day, chucked in a dish to reheat in the oven, with an egg cracked over them halfway through to bake:

Original from here:



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Youuu Saaagggggg…!!!


Had a craving for spinach.  Bought a bag of spinach.  Made a lentil and spinach curry with yogurt (okay enough, but not really worth inclusion in the blog).  Then made chana saag and aloo saag (chickpea & spinach, and potato & spinach), which were worth inclusion.  Plus I have a few green leaves left for my sister’s guinea pigs.  Leafy, iron-rich result all round I feel.

Recipes from http://www.goodtoknow.co.uk/recipes/537962/saag-aloo and from http://www.quickindiancooking.com, which is a frankly lovely and quite hilarious blog.  Go visit.  Go on, shoo.

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Moong Dhal – the Cure


Work is full of sick people, and it doesn’t help that because our heating system is old and dodgy the entire office is kept at a standard temperature more usually associated with tropical islands, dusky maidens in grass skirts and strategically-placed half-coconut shells etc etc.

I’m nursing an eyelid cyst along with everything else, and began to get serious cravings for spinach and dark leaved vegetables last week.  Figuring that my body knows what it needs, I indulged it with spinach frittata / sweetheart cabbage & brie bake / red lentil & spinach curry, but apparently this wasn’t enough to stave off illness, as I woke this morning with a sore throat and headache.

Phoned in sick and slept through till 1pm.  Ate the last of the spinach frittata. Found some whisky at the back of the drinks cabinet and had a hot toddy with honey*.  Then fired up this creamy moong lentil dhal, which apparently is a popular recipe with the convalescent and sick in India….

Original here:



*if you’re going to be ill you might as well enjoy it…

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Thank Feck It’s Friday.

Walked home from work.  The weather is unusually warm for this slice of September, and humid.  Berries and blazing, turning leaves.  Thunderstorms don’t so much happen, as hit-and-run, clutching your handbag and your necklace as they flee.   Craneflies lurch drunkenly across my path, too lethargic for flight.  Slugs the size of white transit vans steam along the pavement at a gear-crunching 0.001 miles a hour.  If I listen closely I can hear the “WHOORRAHAAAWAHAA NICE EYE-STALKS DARLIN’ BEEP BEEEEEPPPPP”.

Eventually got round to cooking dinner.  Original here from Jack Monroe:



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“they call me the first English king, although I came from France…”


Next up, one half of that Half an Aubergine That’s Been Blocking Up the Fridge For a While.

A spicy side-dish, with a Mediterranean slant….



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Coriander Crush


Was back at work for one day after the four day bank holiday, but now have the rest of the week off.

Go Anxious!

Slept in till midday, then celebrated my slothful lifestyle with a late breakfast of spicy omelette in garlic and coriander naan bread….


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Look! A Ri/Ce!


One of my work colleagues dug up a screen saver of something he thought would specifically make me laugh, which was the AC/DC band logo reworked as:

Highway to Look, a Squirrel!

Not sure what he means by this, I’m sure I’m a paragon of calm serenity and Buddhist focus at work. Okay there was that discussion of the effect of large collections of kitsch garden gnomes on the male libido. But it was all done….mindfully I assure you.

I decided I didn’t have enough washing-up to do, so decided to make two rice dishes simultaneously tonight in order to add that authentic precariously-heaped-mountain-of-crockery-and-now-I’ve-run-out-of-bloody-spoons vibe to the kitchen. One a soothing but spicy pilaf main dish, the other a “brunch” according to the original recipe, although to be fair I think it’s a brunch for someone who’s much more awake mid-morning at the weekend than I am…..

Originals can be found here:


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