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Veggies in parmesan sauce

Veggies in parmesan sauce
Now to be fair to Yotam Ottolenghi, I think I’d quite enjoy eating at his restaurants Nopi or Ottolenghi.  However,  his recipes as published in the media are well complicated, and I don’t have any more space in my cupboards for any more exotic ingredients.  So below is a simplified version of one published recently, but still tasty and versatile, and a good way to get your five a day into you!
(Regrettably no photo until I locate my camera USB cable 😦   ) UPDATE:foounndd ittt!

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Sweet Potato, Chickpea and Mushroom Roast


Six-day work weeks.  Gotta love ’em…pphhzzarrghhhh *collapses*.  However the days are getting longer and sunnier, and it’s nice to sense the faint “Beep!…..whirrrrrrrrrr…” that is Nature rebooting itself for another Spring.

Managed to get a full weekend off, and spent most of it cooking furiously in the manner of a devoted foodie who has been living off quick and easy noodle stirfries for the past month.  The Grauniad newspaper rose to the challenge with several delicious vegetable/nut roasts, and first up is my version of a chickpea and vegetable roast….


(Hopefully photo later, camera being re-charged…)

(Update; no photo, obviously too busy eating to tend to the pictorial needs of this blog…)

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Sorry, been busy. Lots of overtime at work, and when that happens it’s easier to revert to a tried-and-tested recipe (or Tesco’s new frozen Nut Roast*), rather than trying out something new and special. But I now have a couple of days off work! And therefore expect the experimentation to come thick and fast.

So stick Reef’s “Place Your Hands” on at high volume, and have chopping boards to the ready.  We’re doing oven-roast vegetables, courgette & potato & feta rosti, plus a simple yogurt dressing.

Originals courtesy of the ever-lovely Nigel Slater:



*falls into the “tastes a bit like paxo stuffing but okay with some gravy slung over it” category.  Rather than the “tastes like sawdust” category which is generally the other option for ready-made nutroasts.  Hint: buy some chestnut puree and peanuts and make your own……

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Courgette & Cheese Bake


On leave for a few days, and because I Have That Kind Of Face random strangers chat to me.  Best one was an extensive discussion on harissa paste with a check-out operator in Asda (I went in for some washing powder and a new t-shirt, left with half the contents of the World Foods Aisle).

If you’re not sick of courgettes already this season, I found you a decent tummy-filler that isn’t a fritter, burger, frittata or pancake.  So put that griddle pan away!

Original from here:



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Frittata, it Makes me Happy


So we had the TimeTravelling Buffet of Doom on Saturday, then a street party on the Sunday.  What better contribution to both, than a quiche?

Unless of course you’re too bloody lazy to sort out the whole “pastry” bit, in which case, what better than a frittata or two?

Originals here:



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Open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the Dinosaur


……’twas Dr Who season premiere on Saturday night, so naturally I decamped to my sister’s house for an extensive buffet and the benefit of her flat-screen TV.  We feasted on red pepper and feta frittata (more on that later), beetroot and walnut hummus, cottage cheese, flat breads, crispy kale with cashew nuts and many other such delicacies.  Dr Who wasn’t half-bad either (exploding dinosaurs! evil robots! lizard/human snogs!).  Capaldi still has to settle into the role a little, but we can be patient.  Despite his dismissal of long scarf-wearing as stupid, I can see him as a Doctor in the mould of Tom Baker *cackles evilly*.  Looking forward to the rest of the series.

Damndelicious came up trumps again as well, on these moreish snacks….




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Courgette Pancake


Just discovered the damndelicious blog.  Gotta like a woman confident enough to give her website that name. 😉

Fancied something different for breakfast, so enlarged a zucchini fritters recipe from the website into a pancake.  Fried it, then cooled and left in the fridge overnight, ready to be chucked into the oven and reheated the next morning on a baking tray lightly greased with olive oil.

Original here:



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