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Carrot & Spinach Dhal


Okay, I admit that this isn’t the prettiest dish you’ll ever throw into a bowl, but, it’s as comforting and warming as a bowl of porridge with treacle (treacle!), only with the vitamins and iron of carrot & spinach, and the protein of that faithful old standby, red lentils.   The left overs are even better the next day, chucked in a dish to reheat in the oven, with an egg cracked over them halfway through to bake:

Original from here:



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Youuu Saaagggggg…!!!


Had a craving for spinach.  Bought a bag of spinach.  Made a lentil and spinach curry with yogurt (okay enough, but not really worth inclusion in the blog).  Then made chana saag and aloo saag (chickpea & spinach, and potato & spinach), which were worth inclusion.  Plus I have a few green leaves left for my sister’s guinea pigs.  Leafy, iron-rich result all round I feel.

Recipes from http://www.goodtoknow.co.uk/recipes/537962/saag-aloo and from http://www.quickindiancooking.com, which is a frankly lovely and quite hilarious blog.  Go visit.  Go on, shoo.

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Fear & Parathas in Las Vegas


My carefree spin through life was abruptly tripped up last week when a sharp, chest-constricting panic attack forced me off the coach to work and back onto the pavement, pleading nausea to the driver so he’d stop halfway down a busy road in rush-hour.  Since then I’ve not been able to get back on a bus.  Taxis are hardly bearable either.  I can just about manage car lifts from my family (who will pull over and let me out for air if I need it).  Elevators I can and will cope with, as I live on the 5th floor and I’m damned if I’m walking up and down that four times a day (it’s seven deep breaths from the 5th to the ground floor, or a count of 10.  Seven deep breaths, or a count of 10).

I wrangled gently with the on-duty GP (via phone) about how to deal with this.  Back on the amitriptyline (oh joy of joooyyys), having spent the best part of three years getting off the sodding stuff.  Follow-up appointment in a couple of weeks.  But so far I can still make it to work (albeit by walking there), make it round the supermarket, go to the gym, sit down and eat a meal with my loved ones, and generally keep some sort of handle on life.  So currently we’re at Anxiety Attack Status: Fucking Annoying, rather than Anxiety Attack Status: Utterly Debilitating, which is something I guess.

Consoled myself with the remains of Sunday night’s family curry extravaganza (quorn chicken korma, moong dhal, vegetable curry) and some home-made parathas (Indian flatbreads)…….


Original version from http://indiaphile.info/how-to-make-parathas/

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Pea, Dhal & Mushroom Curry


I suppose I feel obliged to comment on That Photo by Kim Kardashian; to whit, I’m reminded I need somewhere new to park my mountain bike.

Saturday dinner was tasty homity pie and breaded mushrooms at the lovely Jekyll & Hyde pub, Home of the Yes You Have More Than One Vegetarian Option and they ALL look taaaasty menu.  Sunday was Whatsleftoftheauberginechilli on toast, then a 45 minute walk at a brisk trot to the EnormoAsda, as I needed the ingredients for a Fattoush salad for Sunday dinner at Dad’s.  Also picked up some ‘shrooms for this highly spicy mushroom curry.



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Vegetable Biryani


Yesterday was 3 hours on the train and 3 back to an old university friend’s 40th birthday.  He now has a large family so it was an afternoon sandwich buffet and catch-up rather than a raucous drunken affair, but it was lovely to meet up with people I hadn’t seen for quite some time, look over photos from the 1990s *cringe*, and generally see where life has taken us in the intervening 20 years.

Came home knackered and with that over-stuffed with cheese sandwiches, pizza and crisps feeling.  So slept in late, and brunch was a bowl of salad and chicken quorn pieces drizzled lightly with olive oil.  Feeling that my fat and salt levels had been restored to normal, I decided to clear the fridge of some odds and ends of vegetables with this tasty and fragrant biryani…



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And The Sky Was Made of Amythests


A sunny Sunday afternoon.  Had Hole’s “Live Through This” on the iTunes player; now the Lord of the Rings soundtrack (never let it be said that I am not eclectic in my tastes).  Last night was brought to you courtesy of the new season of Strictly Come Dancing (YYAAAAYYY!!!), Dr Who and Under the Dome.  Plus aubergine curry, flatbreads, tzatziki and rice.  Original recipe courtesy of the lovely Jack Monroe, who is knocking it out of the ballpark re: curry recipes at the moment:





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Thank Feck It’s Friday.

Walked home from work.  The weather is unusually warm for this slice of September, and humid.  Berries and blazing, turning leaves.  Thunderstorms don’t so much happen, as hit-and-run, clutching your handbag and your necklace as they flee.   Craneflies lurch drunkenly across my path, too lethargic for flight.  Slugs the size of white transit vans steam along the pavement at a gear-crunching 0.001 miles a hour.  If I listen closely I can hear the “WHOORRAHAAAWAHAA NICE EYE-STALKS DARLIN’ BEEP BEEEEEPPPPP”.

Eventually got round to cooking dinner.  Original here from Jack Monroe:



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