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Was rudely woken by the alarm on my mobile at 6.30 this morning.  Particularly galling as I’m actually on leave today and don’t remember setting the alarm for anything whatsoever short of 2016 (!).  Dossed about listening to Radio 4 for a bit then consoled myself with this spicy Turkish breakfast recipe and a coriander mini-naan, utilising some left-overs from yesterday’s post:- https://theanxiouscook.wordpress.com/2014/10/13/vegvegvegvegvegvegvegvegvegveg/

Original from here:



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“they call me the first English king, although I came from France…”


Next up, one half of that Half an Aubergine That’s Been Blocking Up the Fridge For a While.

A spicy side-dish, with a Mediterranean slant….



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FAlliNg sKiES


Tired, run-down, and in no great hurry to get out of bed this morning and see what the Forces of Heck have planned for me today.  Limped home after work in desperate need of something warming, wholesome, light, yet nourishing, that I can cook whilst dancing round the kitchen to Soft Cell’s “Sex Dwarf“, vodka and coke in hand.

Oh look, still got 2/3rds of a jar of miso and ginger paste.  Hmmm….

Settled on a version of the tofu and cabbage soup from the other day https://theanxiouscook.wordpress.com/2014/04/27/ich-will/, only with quorn chicken pieces and carrot slices instead.  Slung the rest of the veg into a Japanese-influenced stir-fry + some cashews for extra protein. Result.




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Look! A Ri/Ce!


One of my work colleagues dug up a screen saver of something he thought would specifically make me laugh, which was the AC/DC band logo reworked as:

Highway to Look, a Squirrel!

Not sure what he means by this, I’m sure I’m a paragon of calm serenity and Buddhist focus at work. Okay there was that discussion of the effect of large collections of kitsch garden gnomes on the male libido. But it was all done….mindfully I assure you.

I decided I didn’t have enough washing-up to do, so decided to make two rice dishes simultaneously tonight in order to add that authentic precariously-heaped-mountain-of-crockery-and-now-I’ve-run-out-of-bloody-spoons vibe to the kitchen. One a soothing but spicy pilaf main dish, the other a “brunch” according to the original recipe, although to be fair I think it’s a brunch for someone who’s much more awake mid-morning at the weekend than I am…..

Originals can be found here:


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Mushrooms & Bones


Busy day.

Stayed over at my sister’s last night, finally caught up with the season opener of Sherlock, Season 3…./BLOGPOST REDACTED FOR OVER-OBSESSIVE FAN-GIRLING ABOUT BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH’S CHEEKBONES/.

(okay, okay, you didn’t need to shout! Though they are quite fabulous you must adm/REDACTED SO AS NOT TO BORE READERS FURTHER/).

Eventually left this morning after tea and toast with peanut butter, got back to Anxiousflat at 1230ish (via Boots and Sainsbury’s). Beeswaxed my new coffee table. Took down the Xmas decorations. Found my pinking-shears and some spare bits of fabric for a quilt my sister is making (scraps of black and dove-grey silk from Singapore, and the remains of a glorious metallic blue-and-purple curtain, vintage probably 1970s judging by the sheer disrespect it shows for subtlety, taste and decency).

Put on some laundry. Put away the dishes. Grated carrot and courgette and mixed gram flour with spices for a few days’ worth of spiced breakfast pancake (https://theanxiouscook.wordpress.com/2013/11/10/red-onion-rock-out/#more-955). Experimented with a puy lentil and tahini dip, the results going into a couple of lunch boxes with brown bread, salad and soft cheese (will report back when recipe perfected. Orange juice may need to be involved somewhere). Trekked back across town in the rain for Sunday dinner with my father and sister (they ate pork, I ate an Edamame, mint and lemon bake – you’ll have to ask Asda’s frozen foods section for the recipe).

Finally got back to my flat and decided I have enough time to sort out dinner for tomorrow as well. One of my Christmas gifts was a little pot of dried mushrooms (porcini, oyster and shiitake), so I took a punt at a version of this:



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Basil & Coriander Tofu Pancakes


A light lunch, and a break from the traditional Xmas diet at this time of chocolate, more chocolate, roast potatoes, sprouts, extra sprouts, more sprouts just-in-case and rich fruit puddings with custard.

And it’s about time that the happily re-potted Steve (my basil plant), earned his living again.

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